Outdoor soil/fert recommendations - Adelaide SA

Hey guys,

First grow went well but I didn’t really plan for soil or fert for the first outdoor pot grow. I just winged it and it went well for an unknown 10yo bag seed grow.

This next grow I don’t want to leave much on the table so to speak so, I’m giving more thought into soil and fert regime this grow.

Can anyone recommend a soil and fert combo/regime for a Sour Diesel grow in pots?

Bonus point for those in a similar climate to me in Adelaide SA!

Any thoughts, recommendations greatly appreciated!


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Water soluable/ hydroponic nutes- jacks 321
Granular organic - Down to earth veg mix,flower mix,bloodmeal. Epson salt. Unsulphured blackstrap molasses
Soil -coco coir40-60% compost 10-30% ,perlite 30%
Regiment -start with 2 tbsp each of 444 and bloodmeal
3 weeks in 4 Tbsp 444 2 Tbsp each of bloodmeal and 484
Start of flower 6 Tbsp 484
Week 3 of flower 3 Tbsp of 484
No flush
1/4 tbsp molassesand 1/2 tbsp epson salt in water throughout veg double for flower
This is geared towards autoflowers so you may need extra veg nutes
Then of course I noticed your Australian after I posted this, but the ratios can be changed to fit what garden stores around you carry
Another Australian recommended these nutes at OGS organic gardening solutions. com

I’m in Adelaide SA too.
When I last grew outdoor I just bought a big bag of premium potting mix and a bag of compost from Bunnings and mixed the 2.