Outdoor seeds question

Hey good people…and not so good one I salute you too!

I come to enlighten a query on mine. Ive been growing for 5 years but indoors. Outdoor setups will be a first for me

Since the days are getting longer where I live I am getting +/- 14hours of sun hence I wanted to try a side hustle and grow some outdoor bud.

logged onto my account at sensi seeds to order some outdoor autos white widow seeds. Upon reading the info I got somewhat confused. It said that these would flower within 4 weeks ! If I am using sunlight alone (and nutes of course) in 4 weeks the plant will have 4 or 5 nodes. It will be a baby about 12 centimenters (4") tall. Prodominantly Indica hybrid I can expect it to double in size during flowering stretch but still that will be a baby by the time it starts to “stack” This doesnt add up

I tried hitting up the folk at sensi seed bank for some explanation. They answered back saying the could not give any info on marijuana cultivation due to some BS laws and I should head over to their forum in search for info. Their forum sux hence I am here asking you fine folk what the deal is .

Thanx in advance for any info on this matter.

Kind regards.

I would guess by saying it will flower in 4 weeks they mean the veg period will only last 4 weeks and the plant will begin to flower after this point . Most white widow autos will flower for at least 8 weeks. So you will only have a small veg period of 4 weeks or so.

yeah that is what i undestood. 4 weeks from seed using sunlight alone with 14 hours of sunlight and maybe 5 or 6 or direct sunlight depending on the spot I choose… I dont see it getting more than 4 or 5 nodes in that time so it will be a tiny tiny plant. do you not agree?

I dont want to care for a plant 12 weeks (4veg+8bloom) for 6 grams of bud. Am I missing something here ?

You are right it probably wont win the heaviest yield competition but the only way to know for sure is to give it a go. I have grown white widow autos outside and have had decent yields ( up to 50 to 60 grams dried bud) on plants that were no taller than 50cm. maximizing the amount of direct sunlight , some gentle LST to expose as much surface area as possible and keeping on top of your ph and ppm should see you harvest some decent smoke

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