Outdoor seed recommendation for a really warm climate

Looking for recommendations for outdoor seeds. My wishes may not be compatible with an outdoor grow here. I’d prefer something that doesn’t get much over 5 feet tall, and would really prefer an indica dominant with high CBD. The climate is aready getting really warm here. Already 90 F here during the day, and maybe down into the upper 70’s at night. During July and August we can expect many days in the low 100’s with nighttime temps in the mid to upper 80’s, and with RH no higher than 40%, if even that. Am I just dreaming, and should I just go back to the indoor tent, or is there hope for outdoors?

Unfortunately in your position a pure sativa or a sativa dominant hybrid would suit the conditions best. You could lessen the height by tipping and bending and harvest late for more couchlock effect. Sorry but i am not familiar with any indica donimant varieties to suit. maybe others in your area could advise.

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Try Gold Leaf but you need to protect it during the heat of the day and if you can have it in an area with a good breeze even better. Can’t talk with any knowledge of your location but your temps are almost similar by the sounds to where I live except we have bucketloads of humidity. But we don’t have four seasons here we have only two, we have what we call wet season where day temps range from 30- 38c and nights sit around 27-30c and the humidity then is a bitch. However dry season tapers off where days are 25-30c and nights go from 22-14c and the humidity tapers well off.

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I would go with a sativa dominant strain for outdoors, especially if it’s going in the ground. Maybe in pots you can tote it around if from shaded area to shaded if it’s indica dominant. Hope that helps.

I appreciate the responses, and they are what I had already surmised. I’d considered Gold Leaf in pots (if I’m able to tote them). I’m assuming I’d probably need about 15 gallon pots if I were to allow them to go to maturity without any significant pruning? I guess for the indicas I’ll have to stay with the indoor tent. At least sucking in the airconditioned air allows me to maintain proper temperature.

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Sativas won’t be happy with the low humidity. Hindu Kush, or Pennywise (high CBD) or Sweet Seeds Sweet Afghani (high CBD) are all short Indicas that like low humidity, tolerate heat and finish flowering around the beginning of October. Any mountain or desert bred Indica will work. If they start looking burned, rig up a 30% shade cloth and they’ll be fine.