Outdoor sea of green


Super lemon haze c99 blueberry northern lights. They were in the ground may 12th in a green house. Soil is just black earth sheep shit portion mix and a little bone meal. In veg they just had a organic fertilizer 2 weeks on 1 off. Just two 50 gallon hooked to traughs. Just started monster bloom and carbo max last week and again 2 on 1 off. I have about 500 feet of hemp rope in a grid and pulling branches down. I’m in southern Ontario so I’m about a month and half away from harvest and I have a fan rigged up in there keepin a good breeze at night. Just looking for some tips can only google so much and this isn’t my first time been doing rouge plants for years but these are my biggest by far that I’ve had. And yes I know they are way to close together but I’m limited on space considering I’m in the middle of a city lol. Oh and there just shy of 10’


Awesome plants brother😎


Tips? Nah, you don’t need any stinking tips :slightly_smiling_face:

I do think the two conversing bell peppers in the first photo deserves a caption contest, as in, “Do you think we’ll end up in the same salad as that giant invasive weed behind us?”


You beat me to that one !! Tips lol :joy:


very nice :slight_smile:


Nice for sure those are the only two peppers I got out of 6 plants two many bugs and my pumpkin had squash vine borers was left with tomato’s and beans


Not really a Sea of Green. That’s a growing style where you grow 12/12 from seed. Definitely some beautiful plants though.


Sea of green haha that more like an ocean of green nice plants you have there


That’s a Tsunami of green nice keep us posted we love it


Dammnnnnnnnnnnn! :open_mouth:


Very nice grow. A master.


All I can say is WOW !!! those are awesome !!


Dare To dream someday I get to that point. Beautiful looking! Enjoy.


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