Outdoor SCROG Challenge

I’ve been topping, FIM, & supercropping for a couple of years and doing LST with twine and staples for the past 5 or so outdoor grows.
Not to limit the contribution of ILGM’s indoor SCROG succeess stories in any way but based on results found searching Outdoor SROG I’m hoping @FloridaSon @ktreez420 @Hogmaster @FyshhTrap maybe @Countryboyjvd1971 & @Ragnar will find this worthy of contributing their insight and playing along.

I can’t get mine outside until mid May so I’m hoping any of you folks in the warmer climes who are up for it post progress, tips, successes, & failures frequently.
Please tag your ILGM SCROG guru on this to spread the knowledge and growth

I realize outdoor growing season is varied among our international community so I took the “2017” off the title of the topic


I hold up the 2016 OR State Fair Marijuana Exhibit up as the bar.
With each other’s help our common goal is to make them look like rank amateurs :evergreen_tree:


Hmmm… mine wont be out till May this season also, weather has been tooo cold and I’m not gonna chance it, although I"ll be starting them inside in April, still gives me 5 plus months on the season.
Don’t know about the scrog grow too much, I’m just trying for a few small Trees, …we"ll see how goes.


Cool. Looking forward to hearing from some of the indoor SCROG guys like @hillcrest21678 @Brian091180 @Donaldj too.


I am game, after all my whole life is an experiment :slight_smile:
I will put some out by mid April , but will be covering for nights…


I’m definitely in for this challenge!

I’ll be growing Afghani Gold outdoors and Iced Grapefruit as well. I’m taking clones from the Iced Grapefruit now, and the Afghani Gold is only about 3" tall, but she’ll be ready to go in a couple weeks.

I plan on planting some Iced Grapefruit clones first, and early, in another two weeks, so beginning of April, mid April, then end of April, into May. This way, I can see how temps are, and then be able to adapt from there.

I want to SCROG at least one plant, from each strain. I also want to grow one plant from each strain normally, and use some LST to grow them. Then compare. They will all be clones anyway, so it’ll be cool to see the differences.



I’m looking at supplies and already have questions. I plan on using a single 5’x60’ net over one row of 6 plants and leave the other 6 “a la natural”. I’m seeing it available with 3.5" or 6" spaces. My gut says 3.5" for more kola sites, but I have never done this before and think that might be too small to pass these paws through to manage the bending and attaching. I’m asking around what others are using and adding their quotes to this topic from their answers. Thanks everyone.

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My scrog is a medal fram from a kids bed i found at work thats why my scrog is that size plus its the same size as my tent comes in and out easy and reusable


Sorry went back and i told you wrong measurements


Thanks man. I am gonna go with the 3.5" spaces. I just hope these fabric mesh trellises I’m gonna use will be durable enough to hold up to a few seasons.


They should but outdoors they could get brittle

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I have some pieces of discarded metal deer fence, I think its 4" x 4" I try use that…
Frankly I have no idea what I will be doing but I try few plants…gonna have about 100 going anyway so what the hell…:slight_smile:


Got some clones started today, once they’re rooted they’ll be going outside in the ground! So hopefully about 2 weeks! I’m pumped!

Iced Grapefruit clones coming, and my Afghani Gold is getting close to being transplanted into her DWC home. From there I plan on taking clones from her and placing them outside to do my SCROG in.



I’ll be using 2x4 no climb fencing for my first screen. I’ll be going with a 4x4 as an upper secondary screen.

My strains will be Sour Diesel, Amnesia Haze, Chocolope and Jack Flash. All but the last are from ILGM. I was going to try Big Bud, but I’m not sure if it would be worth it since it doesn’t tend to get big.

Chocolope on top with Amnesia Haze below…

Jack Flash and Sour Diesel pics won’t load for some reason. 5 attempts, so maybe later when I have better service.


Jack flash is a really good upbeat smoke brother, a feel good strain, at least it was when I tried it. 9 hour trip back from CO to my house haha. It really helped to keep me awake and alret

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for my “learning scrog”, I’m kinda glad I went with string and not too tight…I have ended up moving tips around and liked the added flexibility from the loose screen.

It’s a small screen so I’ll cut it away and restring it again next time.


@kabongster I saw some designs similar to what you’ve built using PVC fetching over $100 on Amazon. I don’t recall seeing any assembly line in any of your photos, but that appears to be a potential source of supplemental income.
I picked up a pair of these (yes, 3 months ahead of time) for installation sometime during the last couple of supercrop sessions and before first sign of flowering. So I’m all in and going to try SCROG on all 12. Couldn’t hurt.


made me look…I can see it now

kaBongster’s Scrog Screen and other Assorted Things Emporium (I’ve always wanted an emporium, the name is a work in progress)
unusual but not too odd items for sale…with me the judge of what goes in, that’s a lot of latitude.

assembly line for a work force of one…a THC reward at every station, lol…I see similarities between me and Lucille Ball and her work line candy fiasco happening


OK my vision of @kabongster running the assembly line in my future edibles factory single handed are officially dashed


So one of the common themes I’m seeing with many of the indoor SCROGS is they are much lower than waist high. Working to fill the screen and harvest buds lower than that could pose a problem for anyone suffering from chronic back pain. (It could be rehabilitating too, who knows?)

I’m thinking I’m going to dose mine with a little superthrive and raise the light height and ON time to get some vertical stem growth so I don’t cripple myself being bent over every plant filling the screen or at harvest.

I also have a feeling these 1 gal pots are become a little root bound with a lower light cycle after hearing between 12/12 and 14/10 is best for root development so focusing growth above the roots will probably help to avoid from that from happening too.