Outdoor Potting Soil Blend with pics

Hi all,

I will be growing WW autos outdoors in 5/7 gallon pots.

I am blending my own soil and would like some advice to see if it is a good idea.

3 parts potting soil:BH-1cf-front-491x491-92dpi

.75 parts dehydrated cow manure: MooPlus_215

1.25 parts lobster compost: Quoddy-1cf-front-491x491-92dpi

and seeds planted directly into a top layer of seed starter after germination (because autoflower):

Once flowering time comes along i will hit them with this fertilizer: 5-10-5

that is the tentative plan. all organic so apparently i wont have to worry too much about ph.

However, the questions are, will this blend carry me over with enough nutrients to create a high yield plant?

has anyone used dehydrated cow manure?

should i soak my blend together before planting?


Cow Poop is going to be way too hot bat Gonch will work a lot better @garrigan62 has a super soil you never need nutrients the hole grow see if he can chime in

thanks for the quick reply.

unfortunately i already bought a bag so i feel reluctant to not use it. Would it still be good in a lower dose? are there ways to control for not getting “too hot”?

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you bring up a great question for me: are there any other ingredients i can add to this blend?

the local store has peat moss, “black earth”,

and Penobscot-square

should i make a big mix off this all?

I am scared that these contain too much nitrogen (correct me if i am wrong)