Outdoor plants, topping the best option?


Ive grown a couple times outdoors in the past, no indoor, and topping has always worked well. Im wondering if in the opinions of people on here whether you think topping is the best option for outdoor growing? I know of a lot of different methods and have researched them all but they don’t seem really necessary when doing a 9 month grow outdoors. Im thinking of sticking with topping and removing lower pointless branches and leaves about 2ft up the plant when its at full height to keep growth focused on main buds. Thought? All opinions appreciated, cheers. Ill also upload a couple photos on here soon, plant about 5 weeks old, first two weeks they hardly grew only stretched due to lack of sunlight but with some stick bracing on them, repotting into canna-terra pro soil and the addition of marijuana booster they are growing faster than I’ve ever seen my plants grow before. Happy days!


What you stated above is exactly what I would do



Can’t wait to see your progress. :slight_smile: