Outdoor plants rain storm

Hey I was wondering if anyone knew if my buds would start to mould in rain at 3-4 weeks into flower we have a storm coming through for about 4 days. Should I cover them in some ghetto setup can’t afford a nice greenhouse yet. Shouldn’t rain after that till probably right before harvest and at that point I know to cover them.

I’m wondering the same thing, rain predicted for four days here too. I have a canopy for camping that I was thinking of putting over them but then they wouldn’t get any light? So far I’ve just tucked the ones I could move into a more protected area of the yard.

I seen a similar post on here somewhere but can’t find it now … someone recommended gently taking a leaf blower to the plants to dry it a bit if needed. With that kind of rain there’s always a risk of mold. Good luck I’m sure you’ll both be fine.

Let’s what the man @Covertgrower recommends

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I feel like I recommended the leaf blower thing in another thread at one point. So basically, if your plants are healthy they should be able to take the rain in stride, after all they are coated in a hydrophobic resin. If you have dead leaves/branches or caterpillar damage, those can begin to mold out with excess moisture. If your nights are colder then 55 degrees while your buds are wet, that could lead to mold as well. If you have the option, always cover your plants from rain, as even if your buds don’t mold, they will get darker and darker colored.

As long as you shake them off after a good rain. @Greenthumb443

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Those are my three plants of varying sizes. I’ll get pics of the entire plants soon.

I don’t think you’ll get mold this early into flowering

Thanks everyone! We actually just got a leaf blower so that’s convenient! Also we were lucky to get a bunch of wind and sun today. My husband is also building little poly/wood frames you put above them as we speak :slight_smile:

I have found a couple tiny bits of Mold… I’ve just removed the buds, pinched out the Mold part, then dried the rest of the bud. Do you think this is ok if I just keep a close eye on them?


Weathers gonna be nice for week gonna try to build a tunnel greenhouse out of catle fencing


Built a cage and got some plastic. We got rain coming next week dont know if its gonna stop after that.

Yes watch them closely. I had what I thought was the same issue. I defoliated and let natural air flow through. It was suggested to me to NOT use any fans to dry off after a rain. I shook the crap out of them and let the sun dry them. I mean I shook the crap out of them! They seem to be doing well now. Now dealing with cold temps at night. Freeze advisory last night but I got them covered so should be good.

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