Outdoor plants in enclosed space


A question from a fellow grower:

I would like to grow several plants outdoors for personal use.

I want to put them in an enclosed space and wondered what kind of roofing is best above them to allow the sun to do its thing but also to give the baby plantation privacy.

Would coloured perspex (that’s what we call it here) be okay?

What do you suggest?


Oh ok. Had to lookup perspex. It’s called acrylic here in the USA so basically the plastics colored roof panels.

I’m gonna stick my neck out and say green like what’s on a greenhouse? But I’m no expert just an uneducated guess on my part.

Hopefully someone else will come along with a solid answer!


Green is the choice I would go with as well…


I would have to say clear but then it doesn’t hide anything
Green would filter the sun :sunny:️ and I believe green is a unusable color for MJ plants
Maybe clear with some sort of screen you can open and close
I’ve never seen a green roof on a green house myself it’s always clear
Just my thoughts


There’s a nursery down the street from me here. 5 greenhouses all with very light green tinted glass. I dunno. I’m thinking clear glass could act like a prism? Maybe clear and some sort of netting/ screening?


You may be right all of the ones I’ve seen had actual glass roofs ? Clear ?
I’ll let someone take it from here sir :+1:


I have mine I’m in a green house, with green mesh,if you look up my post ,afects of filtered sun you will see a pic.


This may be what you need, but bear in mind a “greenhouse” can heat stress plants if you are in a hot climate, in which case alternating with shade cloth could be the answerhttp://www.ghco.com.au/store/p226/Solarweave_(sold_per_meter).html


Ive seen people use white sailcloth to diffuse the sun.


Hey coltfire I have mine in a 100 dollar plastic 2x3m green house off ebay with small windows and it works fine even in 40plus degrees weather in aus couldnt stress them out.