Outdoor planting in zone 6a

Any fellow growers out there in zone 6a?
If I plan on growing outdoors in my area in the future, I need figure out the best time of year to plant outdoors without sending my photos to flower right away. I started planting outdoors this year on April 16th. That was way too early. But I’ve also had other plants that I’ve planted outside since then, the most previous one being planted a few days ago and I’ve noticed that even now (June 5th) that they are still going straight to flower. We’ve had over 14 hours of sunlight each day for a few weeks now. So what I’m wondering is, why are my plants that are planted outside in June still going straight to flower? And when is the best time to outplant in the future in order to prevent this?

The plant when placed outside early, is going to flower because it was still receiving more dark than it was light. It’ll take some time to go back to veg growth. Just keep track of how much time of daylight you’re getting, and plant accordingly when the days are light long enough, and when the days are still getting longer.

I guess my question was, how many daylight hours are required to keep an outdoor plant in veg? We’ve had less than 12 hours of darkness for over a month now but the plants I’ve put outside recently are still reverting to flower as soon as they’re put outside. I put my most recent plant outside like 2 days ago and it started flowering just like the ones planted weeks ago.

It may take longer for an outdoor plant to revert to veg again in comparison to indoor growing where everything can be controlled.
I know a monster crop clone takes a week off 24/7 light for it to finally stop flowering. So in my opinion a month doesn’t seem unreasonable.
Another thought is to verify the area gets enough sunlight from dawn to dusk. Otherwise I have no more clues after that. @Growyourown
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I used an online site called “sunrise and sunset times in ______insert your city name”. I transplanted outdoors when light was more than 15 hours and had no issues here.
Somewhere in my reading I came across an article that stated outdoor plants would flower in spring with less than 15 hours. Not sure if this is fact though as I’m only a newbie at this.


I’m in zone 6b, and I start my plants indoors on a 15 on/9 off. I start hardening them off outdoors in April and in the ground right after the last cold snap around Mother’s Day.

I’m guessing you had them inside with a longer ‘day’ cycle than what they got when you put them outside. That will cause many strains to flower.

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Yeah I started them out on an 18/6 cycle then switched it to 16/8 a while before I moved my first plant outdoors which was on April 16th. So if outdoor plants can flower with less than 15 hours of sunlight, I suppose that’s why my plants that i put outside within the last couple days are still going straight to flower cuz we are currently getting 14 hrs 45 min of daylight. I’m just hoping they reveg soon. The plant I put outside on April 16th was germinated on Dec 27th last year. It’ll be a huge loss if she doesn’t reveg.

But I also have out plants outside after Mother’s Day and they still started flowering so I don’t know lol