Outdoor plant with leaf edges turning brown

This is a seven week old plant in a potted outdoor environment. Up to recently, no issues at all. For the past week, sunny 90°+ days until yesterdays tropical storm. Back up around 90° today.
I’ve been using stored rainwater for watering.
It came on pretty suddenly…Two or three days ago, I noticed brown tips with yellowing edges on leaves. Now edges are brown as well.
Could this be heat stress, a nutritional deficiency or over abundance?
Tomorrow, I plan to add a seaweed/kelp treatment to aid if heat is an issue.

The symptoms can mean so many things, any incite to this issue would be greatly appreciated.
Stay safe and be well…elliot


Nutrient burn.


Yep, newbie here and my Gorilla glue autos have done the same, and 95+F to help as well!! Yesterday I flushed them with FF Sledgehammer. Runoff was in the 500PPM range, so hopefully I did well.

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Due to the dark green nature and the burned tips, I would think maybe a tad rich in the N department?

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