Outdoor plant revegging

Can plants revegging when harvest nearly done ,outdoor plants,may of had porch light interference?

Welcome to the forum.

It looks like she is finishing up with a couple of weeks to go. What is it that leads you to believe that the plant is revegging?

I had a few people on other sites say it is revegging ,so I am a bit confused,I am just learning ,had catapillers picked and sprayed them and still picking shit out , do u think plants look ok ,I thought a few more weeks,thanks for any help.

Does anyone else think plant are revegging ?thanks in advance for any help .

Welcome to the forum! Can’t tell if there is any revegging from the pics. But looks like a good harvest when it’s time!

How many hours of light is the plant receiving each day?

They are outdoor about 7 hours of light ,thanks

Your plant isn’t going to reveg with less than 12 hours of light each day. Whoever told you that it is reveging didn’t know what they were talking about.


I had the same photos on other sites, had all sorts of problems thrown at me ,mainly revegging,saying because it has 1bladed leaf and 3 bladed ,hopefully all will be ok ,will keep a goo d eye on it ,thanks for any info.