Outdoor plant has gone to seed... no bud

I am a first time grower and one of my plants has gone to seed. I want to know if I should pull it out or allow it to continue to grow.

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Is it near other plants, specific to females? If so, it maybe to late, I’d put a bag over him and chop chop buddy.

If not, and you want lots of seeds, let it go.

We love pictures by the way!


Thanks for your help. My other plants are all in bud and I was worried the plant gone to seed could somehow mess with my harvest. We can grow 4 legal plants in Canada and losing one to seed does not make me happy.


Yes he can, bag over it, take it far away and burn it. It makes me think if your other girls are flowering, and he was planted at the same time, he probably released pollen already. Got pictures?


Welcome to the community ! Lots of Growers on here from Canada. Sounds like you have one male plant amongst three female plants. As @Zee mentioned carefully bag and get rid of it. After you get it far away from your plants just tap the stalk of it and watch all the pollen go pouring into the air.

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Hi… I just bagged and tagged the boy, and it’s garbage day… thank you so much for your help.