Outdoor plant growing lanky and dropping a lot of leaves

First time grower here :slight_smile: These plants were put outside on June 1st in 5 gallon grow bags and I think the heat may have gotten to them. They’ve been on a natural light cycle in SoCal and we’re nearing 13/11 sunlight time now (started with 16/8 indoors then moved down to 15/9 and then 14/10).

Worried because the buds haven’t filled out yet, yellow leaves have been multiplying and dropping daily, and there are white hairs all over. The plants are 5-6 feet tall and thought they would have flowered by now after 11 weeks of being outside, but they’re just lanky.

Is there something wrong with them?

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Looks like they just need more time…
Double check for bugs , more importantly broad russet mites and make sure your not overwatering… :wink:



Dont over water. boil 5 bannas cut up. in water use that water for watering. needs potassium.

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what is your pH? are u pH’ing your water and nutrients before you water and checking your run off pH?

haven’t yet checked PH but will get some testing materials very soon :+1:

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looks like sativa to me. they grow tall and lanky. it does need food bad tho. that’s why your leaves are yellowing.

this one is ringo’s gift with some early low stress training, but the others (that look similar) are def sativa dominant (goji og and bruce banner).

thanks for all the tips everyone :v: