Outdoor pesticides

Which pesticide would you heavy hitters use for an outdoor grow? ATM I’m using this;

Just bought it yesterday. Sometimes I use neem oil based. But this sesame oil based seems to stick better on the leaves. Here’s the neem oil based;

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@Drillbit I have used it with great results during vegging stage, I used it for spider mites, every 3 days during veg. Stage untill (transition stage). Flower stage I stopped after two week @Drillbit hope this helps

I applied SM-90 to my in-ground plants three times (once per week) and haven’t put anything else on them since - no issues with them.

Got spider mites (I think, I found one on the plant) on the three outdoor plants I put in pots and I applied some neem oil to them (which appears to have cleared it up).

Other than that so far, that’s it.

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Thanks guys. Just wasn’t sure if that organocide was a wise choice being that it’s sesame oil based. Was hoping someone else has tried it and knows more than me about. Seems to be working well so far.