Outdoor pest question

So, this guy made himself at home on one of my plants. Does he have to go? Or, might he be beneficial?

I always leave them on mine. He won’t hurt your plant and will eat bugs that do.

Yup. Keep the spiders.

Thank you for the quick responses. He has no idea how lucky he is right now.

Probably just waiting to lick on some trichomes and get higgggghhhhh.

I’m not sure about Spiders, I don’t doubt some may be beneficial, but I had some destructive Spiders on a grow before, they webbed up the leaves and Buds to the point they were ruined

That sounds like Spider Mites
Spiders are cannibals and you won’t find more that one usually with a single web

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It probably was, they had a nest, millions of little spiders crawling everywhere, the webs covered my plant’s and the leaves were stuck together, it was the webs that damaged the plant’s

One of the most hated cannabis pests. Had them once so far.
Every few months I wash out the tent and spray the surfaces with a long term insect killer.
Once it dries it will kill crawling pests. Just in case something crawls into the tent.
Of course if its in the soil …Oh Well

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I got myself on a spray regiment when my plant’s were small, I used Humboldt Flower Shield and I can truthfully say that it’s some good stuff! No aphids or thrips, whiteflies or the spider mites, I grow outside so it’s a battle containing pests, but start early and don’t stop, even that I still find eating grasshoppers and now some stink bug’s , but I’m working on them now

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Check these stink bug’s mateing on my stalks, I sprayed siposad and killed most, but there really tough to kill

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I have spiders and I have wasp and I leave the WASP… some freak out LOL but before I sprayed with Captain Jack’s I had some caterpillars…I have on numerous occasions witness the wasp that’s those caterpillars and just start munching away on them the wasp can stay caterpillars got to go

Sevin dust will kill them, but I wouldn’t use it anywhere close to flower.