Outdoor pest problem

I havent seen any bugs anywhere (besides some minor ants) but clearly they’re somewhere. Im tring to figure out what kind of pest deals damage like this. The upper foliage is doing great, no signs of issues there.

Damage to only the stalk? How long did it take to happen? What type soil ( wet, dry, rocky, store bought, out of the garden)?

Only that stalk, the other 7 plants werent effected either. Not sure how long it took, theyre all on my parents property amd im only out there like twice a week. Its a little bit dry and rocky, the main rootbase is in roots organic soil. I started them indoors and put them out there about 2 months ago

Looks as if a critter has decided to eat a little weed, groundhogs, rabbits, deer and some others love certain parts of this particular weed of course there are insects as well! Maybe a trail cam poised just right could get you a definitive answer. Most animals only really like the tender shoots, and whatever it is looks to be interested in the stalk. I think it is 4 legged though?

Both holes look like they connect with a tunnel underneath, thats why i was assuming an insect.

4 “cut worm” or larvae of a moth will do those holes, but I have not seen them remove the branches or was that due to something else?

No i was doing some defoliation. Thats how i noticed the holes. Ill have to look into how to prevent that from happening again. So, if it was just a moth larvae it shouldnt get any worse?

If you have Aloe or undiluted honey, put it around the damaged area and wrap the wounds loosely for proper healing. There are pesticides, You can stop them some by putting a “collar” made from cardboard or anything that is rigid about 6" tall around base of stalk!

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Thank you! We really appreciate it! I actually have live aloe plants that we use so thats not a problem. Ill make sure to do that the next time i go out there. Does it matter what i wrap it with? I know some people use regular tape but i want to do this right, you know?

There is a plant tape designed for this, but I have used just the Aloe itself split down one side and wrapped around the wound with some loose fitting electrical tape(which will stretch a little) to hold it in place. How long till harvest? Maybe even check it out and change “the bandage” after a couple weeks!


A couple months till harvest. They havent started flowering yet. Were in southeast michigan too. Its been a weird summer here.

Just keep an eye on her! Hope she gives you some great bud man! :grin: :sunglasses:

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