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I’m a relatively new outdoor grower in the pacific northwest in the US. We have a very wet fall here and I’m looking for strain suggestions on strains that finish early. Particularly mid to high yield, high THC hybrid strains that will finish by early Oct . at the latest.

Thanks for the help!



@MattyBear, he’s in your hip pocket haha!

The problem with outdoors is going to be the wet conditions. Bud rot has pounded the growers this year, coast to coast.


Thanks for the tag Alan and welcome to the forum @Some1Guy! As for strains to grow in our short season up here, I’ve been running autos and timing them so they finish around late August or early September. If you wanna grow a photoperiod in our climate be sure to find ones with quick flowering times. Pretty much has to be an indica or indica dominant hybrid :v:

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Hey Mike, I too live in the Pacific NW. (Portland area) Last year I got hurt (not killed though) by grey mold. It started raining on Sept 19th 2017 and didn’t quit. I lost maybe 5-10% to mold and I harvested the first week of Oct.which was about 1 week too early for 2 of my 4 plants
This year I wanted something that finished early AND was mold resistant. I just harvested a Durban Poison with no mold on 09/30 and it is yummy with awesome colors and a very upbeat stone. As I type this the rest of my garden is getting rained on like crazy and has been for 5 days…I have an Acapulco Gold that is doing freaking awesome and not molding. It will be done by Oct.10th I also have an 8 Ball Kush and Gold Mine that is doing primo with no mold.

The Durban will not be a giant yielder ( i estimate about 12 ozs.) The Acapulco is a 6 foot tall, 6 foot wide beauty that will come in well over a pound for sure. I know 1 pound plants are not exceptional but they are not going to waste from mold, I can let them finish and they are somewhat manageable. The first and third shot is Acapulco Gold, the second shot is Durban Poison


Hi, I’m also a first time NW grower near eugene. I got clones of sunset sherbet and obama kush. Although I was worried about the mold issue so I put them in a greenhouse even though both were said to be mold resistant. Setting to harvest the obama next Friday. Cheers.


@KannabisKurt @NWamateur83 your plants look great! Thanks for the input on what strains are doing well in our climate :v:

So I just harvested the obama kush yesterday. I did, sadly, lost the main cola to bud rot but I believe I know what stupid thing I did to cause it and I caught it before it had effected the rest of the plant. Just fyi, but I did get some beautiful looking flower in the end.


From the picture it looks like a purple tint to them and they look great. I live in a area where it’s hot and humid and I think that’s why I don’t get color

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Beautiful nugs! Nice harvest :+1::v:

Great looking tasty buds NWamateur83

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Great work!