Outdoor organic Afghani

I started this thread in the grow journal, but also realized that people doing a search might find it easier if I posted in the outdoor section, so:

I’ll be growing 7 strains this year, but will separate each grow journal by strain. Southern California.

1/31/19 Started 10 ILGM Afghani fem seeds on, 100% germination. Indoor window sill with 65 watt HLG QB board.

2/3/19 All ten went into to a starter tray with soil.

2/17/19 all ten went into 32oz cups with 40/40/20 happy frog/perlite/worm castings blend.

3/3/19 transplanted 9 into outdoor grow box. 4’x4’x20”. Did a supersoil per @garrigan62 recipe. 7-55 dry quart bags of Whitney farms organic soil and 4 cubic feet of course perlite as a base.

These were inside on 14 hour light cycle. Right now we are barely at 12 hours outdoor sunrise to sunset. With dawn and dusk schedule closer to 13.

So, I know I run the risk of them starting to flower and not finish, but I got bean drop happy and have too many plants on window sill.

Weather has been unusually crappy here, so let’s see what happens.

Final resting place:

Close up of interior
of 1 of them:

Makeshift greenhouse for cold nights and coming rain.

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Sure I’ll follow along @AAA

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are those autos? Its going to get way crowded in that box I believe. Good LUCK

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@Sasquatch. They are feminized regular photo seeds.

I plan on trimming the side branches for clones and focusing on top cola growth. Then if they bud but don’t finish I’ll have clones to back them up.


@AAA I grow out side and if it was me that box would have 1 plant in it. Ill be watching to see how they do.

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@Sasquatch I started out wanting monster to Kant’s, but ended up with so many seeds that I germinated!

My hope is the start to flower in 2 weeks and finish before being reverted back to veg.

Let’s see!

One week since being transplanted outdoors into the box.

Not much going on but some vertical stretch, I’m guessing they are going into flowering.


2 weeks since planting outside. They are definitely budding now. Question still being will they finish before reverting to veg.

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Sprayed some water diatomaceous earth mixture. I found some aphids on the lower leaves.

3 weeks since planting outside. I’ve been taking to some so cal growers and sounds like these will finish no problem.




I’ve been *talking

4 weeks since going outside. Seem to be progressing bud formation wise.

image image image


Good looking garden you got there.

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Thank you sir, here is the veggies:



Loving that box ya made solid work :+1:
How deep is it just for future :wink:

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20” tall, but I dug into the native soil approx 6” deep.

The boxes are layered with supersoil mix that @garrigan62 has posted in the past.


Morning update. They are progressing nicely. They are starting to have a distinct smell. I remember the small from the 90’s when I grew some Afghan hybrids. I could not put my finger on the scent, then my wife who does not smoke said they smell liked sweet baked goods, She hit it on the nose!


5 weeks since moving outside. I’m going to say they. have been in flower for 3weeks.

I spray with Monterey BT twice a week and randomly spray with Diatomaceous earth water mixture.



Looking great mate good work :+1: