Outdoor moved indoor how bad of an idea was this!

Good day My growing community I have moved a 5 foot Gelato planned that has grown in the veg state for four months.

Now I believe I am taking all the necessary precautions I have defoliated thoroughly investigated insect decided keep an eye on soil high every a couple of days I spray a little insecticide juice on the top of the soil check the room in traps regularly not seeing any signs of insects yet. My associate says I made a grave mistake by doing this. I’m not sure what could go wrong I have good lights it’s taking nutrients well it’s rebounding from some high stress training.

I’m hoping some of your guys Who have been growing for a long time my name from advice pictures anything more than happy to share my email address to maintain a better contact.

Thank you for reading look forward to any replies and/or responses relatively new to the shop let’s see how it goes

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There’s nothing better than a controlled environment imho great move…:100: