Outdoor Monster Crop and Indoor AN vs Emerald Harvest

Okay, following Brandon rust and his genetics company now. And yes! Southeast Oklahoma. Looks like terpfi3nd is going to be up and running again soon.

Did you message him about terps? I’m curious what he says. I’ve messaged him on IG and he’s gotten back to me each time very quickly.

If you do the podcast thing, you can listen to him on Growcast. It’s a good interview.

… you can listen to Brandon Rust on Growcast too. He’s super involved in the OK scene.

I’ll let you know what he says about terps. We’ve been back and forth a bit. I really wanted to try that pineapple meatball but he said it’ll be awhile before he releases it again.

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Awesome. I’m glad you got in touch with him.

Okay, soooo not sure if i’ll get much info out of him. He was very responsive … but … I asked some pretty simple response questions and got a bit of a run around. Basically he asked me my preference for terp profiles and I told him fruity, spicy or a heavy diesel will usually pique my interest. But open for any suggestions. He sends me a link to his website. Okay. I had already familiarized myself with what he’s got currently. Not a lot of info on each strain outside of it’s lineage. So i narrowed it down and asked for info on any of his crosses of the the white cherry wedding cake, the dif between his Landon Legacy’s and what info he had on Bad Mother Fucker and Bill Murray.

He sent me almost immediately back a reply of: i’ll have to type something up with all of this info whenever i get some free time. I’m at dinner with my family right now.

I’m a business owner…no one expects instant replies. So I appreciate his quick response. We’ll see if he follows up. I’m in no hurry. If i don’t hear back from him…i’ll make some guesses and roll the dice on some of his strains.


I am disastrous with paper towel method. In lieu of that method…

I seem to do aight with… 2 oz of tap water with a cap full of hydrogen peroxide. Wait until a tiny tail pops. Usually around 12 hours. Take a cotton ball and make a little hole in the middle. Wet 1/4 of the cotton ball in the peroxide water solution and put it in a ziploc bag. Within 24 hours. Big tails.

Then I put those in coco coir. Cant overwater it and they like the light and airy texture of it.


You should listen to his interview. He goes over a few of his strains.

Another interview is Predicative Breeding, you might like what he has to say as well. He’s down with the funky terps. He does a ton of giveaways too.

I have some of his Sour Tangerine Smoothie and ordered some Blackout Truffle. Both should be started soon.

I want some Bill Murray simply because if it’s name.

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I mean…who doesn’t like bill Murray? Am i right? 100% agreed.

Ive got a long drive tomorrow. I’ll cue up the interviews you say. I’m interested.


Getting ready to head out of town for a week so I’m trying my damndest to not leave too many things for my buddy to do while I’m gone.

Bugs. Wow. Never really tried to grow anything outdoors but I have some pretty happy tomato and watermelon plants with zero bugs. And yet my little mjane girls…

They look so happy from far away!
Still doing mammoth canncontrol every 4 days or so. Might need to bump up the water to pesticide ratio.

Got my Jack’s outdoor formula mixed up and ready. Jacks on the right and recharge on the left. The outdoor plants have been in FFOF for about 6 weeks and they’re starting to flower so I’m doing two weeks of the Jack’s bloom in the 55 gallon drums. They have been fire and forget easy and happy on the ocean forest and until this week we’ve had enough rain that I haven’t had to water them.