Outdoor Monster Crop and Indoor AN vs Emerald Harvest

I always have a lot going on and I thought I’d start a new journal that should cover my grows until the fall.

26 plants; half monster cropped/half just clones (various strains)
20 Gallon Oxy Pots
Jack’s Outdoor Nutrition Schedule (once the ocean forest nutes run out)
Mammoth CannControl

My plan for monster cropping started in March. I put five 6 week vegged gelato plants into a tent on 12/12 light schedule. After 3 weeks of flowering I took 24 flowering cuttings to clone. It took a little longer than I thought to root them but I got them in 1 gallon pots and put in my veg room. While other plants were flowering, I also took clippings and cloned them. Whatever made it ended up outside for this grow. 26 total plants but several strains. Also, I have no idea what I’m doing outdoors. They’ll probably get eaten up by bugs or burned up by the sun.

June 13 - This is right before the move to the bigger containers. I wanted to get them outside by late May but we had unbelievably rainy weather leading into July so it got pushed a bit. Temperatures are high of low 80s and lows in the mid 60s.

These were the monster cropped Gelato:

These are just clones that I didn’t think were big enough to flower so I decided to move them outdoors for the summer:

Started everyone out with Lost Coast Plant Therapy for pest control. Still saw some bugs we’re on CannControl from Mammoth now and they seem to be doing a lot better.

June 15th: Got everyone planted in the 20 gallon oxy pots outside. I picked a semi shady location near my house so they don’t get too hot. At any given time, someone in the yard is getting full sun.


July 6: Put a fence up to keep the deer out. Plus I’ve caught a couple of teens hanging around on parts of my property that I had to run off so yeah…

July 11: The heavy rains beat up some and knocked them over. Of course they just started growing like that ugh. So I built some DIY support with left over fencing materials. They didn’t like getting put in the screens but I imagine when I see them on Friday they’ll be happy and orienting their leaves the correct way. High temps are in the high 80s, low 90s and the low temp is mid 60s. Humidity is fluctuates but right now is around 50.

@OlyBoy98503 @peachfuzz Feel free to follow along and I hope there isn’t anything too exciting. I’ll definitely have some questions :grimacing:


7 gallon oxy pots
Happy Frog Soil
Advanced Nutrients Connie vs Emerald Harvest
Recharge every other week.

Right now I got 40 clones that I purchased. They came home in rockwool and I had a spot of trouble getting my dirt in time and a couple aren’t going to make it. I’ll update once I get things set up in the room for babies and vegging. Finishing up my last grow was pretty brutal.


Nice farming!


Really nice garden!! :heart_eyes:


Nice yard Mr :clap::+1:t5::ok_hand::grinning:

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Teens and caterpillars. Keep your eyes open for both.


Set to watching… :green_heart::green_heart::green_heart::wink::+1:

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Here to watch.

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Looks great. I want to a few of those pots.

I like how wide the diameter is on them actually. The top dirt stays dry and loose but there is a lot of moisture retention lower. I haven’t had to hand water yet, rain water is suffice. Using the oxy pots indoors though, the smaller diameter opening and taller pot means the dirt gets more compacted. They say not to use perlite in them because they clog the holes for root pruning but I may experiment with mixing half and half coco to dirt (indoors).

Isn’t everything a learning experience? :woozy_face:.


Love it!! :heart::heart::heart::rofl:

I got 17 acres quite literally on accident down in oklahoma. I originally applied for my ag tax exception and the only question was what are you farming? I said “hell, I dunno…I have 17 acres what sounds good? Chickens? Goats?” They listed me as a hay farmer and sent me my tax exception info :rofl::rofl::rofl:


Are you outdoor growing? I’m in Oklahoma and I know nothing of outdoor growing. And I’m a ding dong head and forget stuff. Like, someone told me to watch out for moths because they lay eggs in august and then you have worms in your bud in September during harvest. Or maybe it was caterpillars and then moths. I can’t remember. hashtag-ding dong head


That’s the way it is for us and we are just South of you.

Looking mighty fine.


This one so far has been the worst of it. :confounded:

I know…everyone says “its a harmless snake!” But I’m thinking…nope!!! Bout to be a HEADLESS snake!


VERY nice setup you have going there :slight_smile: I see a re-decking project about to take place (eyes went straight to lumber stack,haha). That black snake is a welcome guest in my yard :slight_smile: King snakes especially as they keep the copperheads at bay. Following along, but again, nice setup :slight_smile:


Every time we got rid of blacksnakes or kings ages we ended up with copperhead and rattlers. Now we encourage the good snakes.



Dropped these seeds last night: Lit Farms Blueberry Mojito, In House Genetics Flap Jacks, and two that I bought at OKC Canna con from Texokie (Moon Skunk and Candyland Stealth). He had a sample and the skunky terps were legit with the moon skunk and the rainbow of colors in the Candyland attracted my eye. We’ll see how these go.

These are the clones I bought from a grower in OKC. They sent these finished pics of the mothers…
Divine Banana:

Daily Grape:

And they threw in a few clones from another strain I haven’t heard of called “Exaltation 6” but I don’t have a photo of the mother.

Here are the clones…all in 1 gallon pots with happy frog. The daily grape have several that revolted and aren’t going to make it. The other two strains seem stronger.
Divine Banana:

Daily Grape:

Exaltation 6:

I have about 20-30 clones from my last grow that are vegging as well. I’m going to separate them out and do a side by side of Advanced Nutrients Connoisseur against Emerald Harvest 2-part.

Left (Emerald Harvest) 1 L bottles of Cali Pro Grow A & B, Cali Pro Bloom A & B, Emerald Goddess, King Cola, Honey Chome and Root Wizard. Cost is about $130.

Right (Advanced Nutrients) 1 L bottles of Connoisseur Grow A & B, Bloom A & B, B52, Voodoo Juice, Big Bud, Bud Candy, Overdrive, Flawless Finish. Cost varies but I’ll list my local hydro store cost as $316.
Based on the feeding charts from each company…the emerald harvest should last longer as it requires about 1/3 as much of product per gallon of water. Nutrient feedings will start this weekend. I’ll try to update weekly throughout the grow. Emerald Harvest gave me the entire set to do this side-by-side grow. Advanced Nutrients…weren’t interested so I had purchased these and have them left over from the last grow.


@NeoGroR, sorry to pull you in on my grow but I saw you talking on hells journal about Terpfi3nd seeds. As soon as their site is back up I’m hoping to nap some of those Blackout Truffle. I’m just now following them on insta. you know of any others of his that stand out? I’m looking for unique terps.


Ask him. He knows his stuff better than me. He’s very responsive. Super cool dude. Hit him up on IG.

Ask him about availability, he can do sales over IG I think… if his site is still down

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Also, I see you’re in Oklahoma. Follow Brandon Rust on Instagram. He’d be a great resource for you.


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