Outdoor Indica grow


GDP is almost there ,7weeks yesterday. Trics are all milky with about 10 percent amber … going to start flushing tomorrow. And I give up trying to support them things at this point :sweat_smile: It’s a losing battle…


Yea I think it’s gonna be a good one !!


@Harleydude1969 GREAT JOB!!! That girls is AMAZING…loaded with many bud of the month winners!!!

Good luck with the harvest. Gonna have your hands full :wink::wink::wink:

PS: Hope you have a drying room setup with a carbon filter :scream:


Hey that Granddaddy Purple looks scrumptious! Let me know your opinion on the smoke. I might incorporate GDP into my future rotation as I dont have any purple strains in my collection.


Thank you , and Will do!


clipped 9 colas off , a couple are pretty much arm length…didn’t really even dent the plant …




those colas look so exotic!!


I remember as kids we would save the roaches to make a roach joint , any time I touch this plant that’s exactly what my hands smell like …


Holy crap!! I agree with what @big123 said!!


I have to say, your grow is one of my favorites I’ve come across on this site. beautiful plants… I mean trees :wink:

I’m an indica guy myself so super cool to see someone growing them almost exclusively.

How long have you been growing if you don’t mind me asking? I’m on my first indoor and have a lot to learn but based on what you’ve accomplished I would say you are a veteran.


Thanks, No I’ve grown a couple times prior myself but not like this … I use to help my brother out when I was younger ,who has grown a lot and has helped me out with some advice along the way this time . But to be honest I did a lot! Of reading which I think helped me tremendously. But still I think l learned more of what not to do for next year which should help even more !! Plus you have to start with good genetics, and it’s pretty obvious that that is there !!


@Big123 nailed it!

Might fine lookin colas ya got there


I’m growing an ILGM Grand Daddy purple next year, excited about it!


Yay! image


Nothing beats natural sunlight…nice crops