Outdoor Indica grow


GDP is almost there ,7weeks yesterday. Trics are all milky with about 10 percent amber … going to start flushing tomorrow. And I give up trying to support them things at this point :sweat_smile: It’s a losing battle…


Yea I think it’s gonna be a good one !!


@Harleydude1969 GREAT JOB!!! That girls is AMAZING…loaded with many bud of the month winners!!!

Good luck with the harvest. Gonna have your hands full :wink::wink::wink:

PS: Hope you have a drying room setup with a carbon filter :scream:


Hey that Granddaddy Purple looks scrumptious! Let me know your opinion on the smoke. I might incorporate GDP into my future rotation as I dont have any purple strains in my collection.


Thank you , and Will do!