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I live in Vermont and have selected ILGM Gold Leaf for my first outdoor grow. I have grown numerous times indoor but this is my first attempt at outdoor. My plant is looking very healthy and she is a monster already at over 5 feet. I’m using Fox Farm nutrients and want to know when to switch to flowering nutrients? Do I wait to see flowers starting? Also, will the Gold Leaf be an appropriate strain for my climate? A little concerned with temperature in early fall and the information on ILGM about this strain does not indicate estimated flower time outdoor or estimated month it would be ready.


welcome to the community, sounds like you have a huge plant so at the point I seen it starting to flower I would start the bloom nutes. Good luck with your gold leaf.

Thanks Kellydans! Do you think Goldleaf is an appropriate strain for growing outdoor in Vermont USA?

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I would think
They would be fine I do know I am very happy with my Gold Leaf .But I’m probably about 18 hours south of you.

Your gold leaf will be good. But no one can predict a early frost or snow
Wait till pre flower show with the white hairs then start using open sesame for 2 weeks then beastie blooms and finish with cha ching and get a bottle of bembe it’s worth i use fox farm nutrients to
Also because you are out side spray with neem oil for preventive measures for bugs this will help you avoid bab problems

Lake Ontario Gold Leaf here . I don’t use it but I think FF have a feeding schedule that tells you when to give it to the plants .

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I found these .


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Welcome to the community.
I’m also in 802, and I’m growing gold leaf. @Cheftodd420 is doing the same.

You should be fine. I’m not sure of your location, but in south central VT things don’t usually get crappy weather wise until the mid/end of October. The plants can handle cooler temps (into the 40’s) and will survive a light frost. A heavy frost could kill them, but a light cover with a sheet can protect them.

The biggest issue is humidity and rain in sept/oct. it promotes bud rot and you can lose it all if things go south in a hurry. So, once you’ve got buds, give them a gentle shake after each rain. If I the weather gets really bad put up an awning, put a fan on them, and pray.

As for nutes. My gold leaf started showing pre-flowers about 10 days ago. She’s in the stretch now, and will be full on budding within 2 weeks. I fed them all their last veg nutes 2 days ago, and will begin the flowering nute schedule in 2 more days.

Please don’t forget the flush schedule. It’s imperative with fox farms.

Good luck. Ask any questions you have.

My gold leaf is the larger one on the right. 30 gal pots. She’s about 7’ now


Thanks so much for the help, all the pictures sent look great, hopefully mine can thrive as much as these!



Hey man @Notsure222 welcome. Im in Boston. Youll be fine. Got Goldleaf seeds late, so next grow for them. Afganny does really well around were. Short and stout. Skunky, can take the cold evening/nights come fall. Ive got Afganny, Bruce Banner, Big Bud, Original Glue, Super Skunk and Blue Dream. All outside in 25 gallon fabric pots. Good luck. Happy grow. Greatest forum. Ask anything. Read lots of topics.:v::sunglasses:

Welcome to ILGM @Notsure222. Great place to be.

now that’s what I call horticulture !

Vermont here as well. @Drinkslinger is right on about growing outdoor. Bud rot hit just about all my plants last season. Wet and humid. Also had a plant stolen last season. That won’t happen again.

These are my two ladies. They are heavily trained and spread out to keep them low. I also concentrated on the head nugs only. Cleaned up all lower bud sites. I use super soil for nutrients and an occasional tea during the stretch period into flower. Organic with no flush needed.

Blue Haze

Blue Cheese


Quite a few Vt cultivators.


And now @Notsure222

Did I miss anyone?


@Vermont and @Loki as well.


Shuddup. @Loki is a Vermonter?

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I believe so. We talked about wanting to grow in a recreational market here. I assumed he was a Vermonter. Didn’t verify that.


8th generation X 2 sides. Proudly Vermont stock.


That’s the only reason I left mine in a 7 gallon and keep it from rooting through. Sadly I miss out on limitless root zone, but I will complete the harvest to perfection if it be in my 8’ ceiling room under a 1000 HPS.

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