Outdoor in ground High PH at Harvest

I’m nearing harvest, last feed was 9/14.
My soil is moist but at 7.3 on PH.
It’s in ground so it is forgiving in a lot of ways but should I water w/acv to lower PH or just let her ride the last 7-10 days?
I use stored rain water and have added 1/3 C. ACV to every 2 gallons of water on 3 occasions in the last 2 weeks.
This brings the PH to about 6.8 for about a day.

I’d just water as necessary and not worry about it.


Thanks, not really sure how well plants flush when they’re in the ground.

Add some soil sulphur for next year

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I may treat my entire property with it. I have had a spider mite problems for a few years.
On the verge of losing a prized contorted filbert and they really did a number on my cherry trees this year.