Outdoor hermied?

Hey all…
I was given 2 blowfish cross plants…reached 8’…watering tonight and noticed what looks like male pods hanging off of stalks below flower…it just started budding…I have 4 other plants…so far so good…I won’t lie…freakin out right now…so enclosing pics and hoping I’m over reacting…thanks all. N

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Straight up Males.
Dont look like herms…Just natural male plants.
Need to remove immediately.


He’s right. That’s a full on stud. Time for the chopping block.


Agree with @Spiney_norman MALE for sure. If u have females close to it at all, gently slide big garbage bag over it then chop it. Bag with contain pollen while u chop and remove so it dnt pollinate plants near by, upto a mile or even more if wind is strong.


For future reference the photo below is a hermie plant.
Notice up high the pistils…white hairs indicating a female plant.
But lower right is a Male Flower. Growers will refer to them as balls or nanners if they open.

Awww man…thank u soooo much…my hubby just helped me bag and chop. So glad this forum is so quick to respond😊we have had rain ALL SUMMER so hopefully it kept them from spreading…peace✌🏻


No problem. Everyone here is always happy to help.
Stay Green

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Juice it

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unless you saw the pollen sacks hanging straight down and opened up, you are good.