Outdoor guerilla grow in the Alaskan Bush: the 3 Stooges



Also, had a tooth pulled yesterday. I’m not supposed to use a straw, smoke joints/blunts, or create any type of suction with my mouth until tomorrow.

Thank goodness for gravity bongs.


Here are the babies that made it from 13 days ago:


The 2 new Kush popped through during the 5 hour drive! Lol! The 2 Diesel are growing in the rapid rooter, they just haven’t popped out of the top, yet.

I’m back at work. All seedlings are in my little grow closet.


You know what? I had the money, so I just ordered all my nutes. The Earth Juice line (grow, bloom, catalyst, meta K, pH up, pH down) & a few Advanced Nutrients products (voodoo, pirahna, tarantula, refill of nirvana). At home, I have Earth Juice MicroBlast, and NFTG Persephone’s Palate & Demeter’s Destiny. Throw some Florakleen on top of that, too.

Looking forward to going organic.

Only thing left to order: the qb!


I flush in 3 days


That looks great


Frosty! Yum!


Frosty Awesome-nesssss!


Today is officially day one for the 2nd batch of seedlings!

The other 2 are doing well, also!

I’ll upload photos once our data is back up.


Still having issues with uploading.

The 2nd set of babies is going to be put into peat pots tonight or tomorrow. They have nice roots showing & are growing up & out. These 3 (2 kush & 1 diesel) are looking much better than the first 2. However, the first 2 are keeping on!

Tomorrow, I plan on giving Set 1 voodoo, b-52, and a spray of nirvana on their tiny little leaves. Both plants’ cotyledons are mostly yellow. This is day 14 from germination, so I’m thinking a small snack is in order.

When I put Set 2 in their peat pots, I’ll be watering them into their light warrior seedling mix with voodoo & b52, as well.

The lights are at 24". Temp is 82 day 60 night. I’m hoping to get Set 1 outside by next Saturday 7/22; Set 2 by 7/29.


Set 2 popped into 4" cow pots. Now I have 5 happy little trees clandestinely growing in my closet at work. Hopefully, w/in 2 weeks, they’ll be out in the great Alaskan bush, safely on a grizzly bear trail.


that taproot looks like it has mold on it @blackthumbbetty. i just had the same issue with my seedling.


That deserves an Owen Wilson wow.


No, that’s just all the little tiny hairs. Absolutely not mold.


Nope not mold at all them are the feeder hairs and they grow into your root system it looks really good


I love the fuzzy wuzzy baby roots. Ready to take on the world!


Same they look so nice


Well then maybe mine was just fine then. I thought that fur was mold. Lol. God I can’t wait to get my high speed data back! I need to share pics before I make decisions!


Hopefully you didn’t cause your baby any damage?


she’s looking better than she ever has this morning actually. But time will tell. all I did was spray peroxide water on her roots. I think she’s gonna be fine.