Outdoor guerilla grow in the Alaskan Bush: the 3 Stooges



Better than nothing, but still a bummer. Not a waste, anyway!


Had to break out my double barreled dab pen. This little Pandon is actually pretty great. They make an attachment for your bong, too, that slides into your stem. I want it badly, but I don’t smoke enough dab to make me want to spend $75 on it.

The mouthpiece is sitting next to the rig.


Last night, I chopped up the bud I saved, put it inside a folded paper towel, and sat it in a warmish spot.

I just tried it. While it tastes like unflushed, quick dried garbage, 2 hits (not even a whole bowl) made me feel very happy. Such a shame I screwed it up by starting so late.


And with that smoke report (ha!), I think I can safely say this grow is over!

Thanks for tuning in, kids!


Every mistake is more knowledge for the future.