Outdoor guerilla grow in the Alaskan Bush: the 3 Stooges



Day 28 from germination:

The girls got foliar fed, today. To 1 quart of h20 I added 1ml Nirvana & 1ml Piranha.

Why the piranha? Powdery Mildew on Lawn with my plants nearby

Just a preventative. :grinning:


Yay! Woke-up to a blue sky! Sun!

Once it warms up a bit, I might move the visqueen cover, at least for the day. That cover has actually become necessary b/c of this week’s cold snap.


Moe’s looking good from above, too!

I think there might be some piranha residue on the leaf edges. Otherwise, looks ok? Maybe needs more nitrogen? I’m hoping they all start showing pistils, soon.

The soil is slowly but surely drying out from all the rain.


Nice. Alaska too. that’s awesome. is it regular kush? not og?


They’re from freebie seeds, just 2 auto kush feminized & 1 auto diesel feminized. I think. It might be 2 diesels & 1 kush. I mixed-up the seeds, unintentionally. :joy: The toothpicks mark which plants I think are from the same strain, according to my memory of the seeds’ size.

I started several weeks too late. I hope I can rig this grow through to mid-Sept. I have many plans on the drawing board. I’m thinking I’ll build a portable greenhouse for the bed of my truck, and if necessary, run a space heater.

Are you in AK?


lmao bout mix up but understand completely. No east east coast, right on the big pond the Atlantic. was up there past Christmas. was born and raised up there many years ago. most of my family still lives up there. And fixing to start some og kush autos from ilgm is why i was asking.


@dbrn32 I ordered the v2 unassembled! I can’t wait until it gets here!


Sweet! You’ve seen assembly video from ledgardener on YouTube?


No, but I’ll be referencing whatever you tell me. :grinning:

I saw somebody else share a photo how-to on here for the smaller 2 board kit. Seemed pretty darned easy.


It is. I could link if need be. But if you search quantum board assembly on YouTube it will probably be first hit. There’s probably more in that video than I could type lol. But there’s likely others that would be specific to your kit too. I can help to, just though between now and when they show up wouldn’t be bad idea to take a look.


I need a soldering pen for this? I thought it was just some screws & basic wiring. I don’t have a soldering pen, and after buying my light, my grow budget is spent. Can it be done without a soldering pen?

I got to that point & the video stopped buffering. It could take me a while to get through the whole thing, due to my internet.


I don’t think there’s anything you need a soldering iron for?


It showed 4 tools needed: snips, strippers, a small screwdriver, and a soldering pen.

If you say it’s unnecessary, then yay!


Also, I didn’t have sound. So, maybe a voice over said something about it being optional?

Not too worried. From everything I’ve read on this forum, I’m sure I’ll figure it out. With help. :grinning:

Edit: after getting it to load, it seems a soldering pen is necessary for the first assembly they show, which is of a 90. So, PHEW! @dbrn32


Ok. I was thinking that maybe builder decided to solder something that wasn’t necessary. Kit should come with a waterproof barrel connector for the power cord and two wago connectors for driver to board wiring connections. The boards themselves should have molex connectors in which you’ll lightly depress, slide wire, and then release. Maybe a couple other connections if you get b style driver with dimming pot, but I’m not sure what they send.


Great growth in 5 days, I think! Still keeping them covered, but if the weather keeps up, they’ll be in the open again, come Monday.

Soil is still damp from last week, so haven’t given any h20 since last Monday, when I fed them. This Monday, they’re getting a big meal & a big drink.


I’ll be going back up for work in a week. The boss emailed me about the garden getting hit by frost, last night. While I’m up there, I might have to put them in the closet with an led for a week. I don’t want to have to do that, but I might have to.

I could leave them home for a week & hope nature waters them for me, but I’m not sure about that one.


The girls are getting roughed up by the wind, tonight. I think I’ll put them inside my truck, overnight.


This seems like the time of year to be an indoor grower. Of course, in a couple months when all the outdoor plants are being harvested, my little 2-3 ounces are hilarious!


I really want to start my indoor grow now, but I have to wait until at least Sept 1. :worried::worried::worried:

I sure hope the weather let’s me complete this experimental (to me) outdoor grow, though. If not, all that was lost was time, $30 for soil, and some calories burned.