Outdoor GrowJournal - 2021

Hey Everyone,

This is not by any means my first time in the garden, but it is my very first garden of my own !

I’m starting this GrowJournal for my own documentation and to gain knowledge and support from the community !

May 31st - Received three unknown gifted plants and were told they were 4-5 weeks old at the time.

All I know about the plants is that they were started under a shop light in a garage, I was told they were feminized seeds and they were outdoors for some time before I had them. They appeared to be started in actual soil from the Earth - little weeds growing around in the small pots and all.

June 1st- I transplanted the three plants into 3 gallon fabric pots in coco.

I began arranging and constructing my garden, planning on planting many other plants around to keep my babies company and hopefully provide some protection.

First Week of June - Planted the rest of the garden, installed irrigation lines, mulched everything in and installed wire fencing.

Other plants include Lemon Balm, Pineapple Mint, Spearmint, Marigolds, Petunias, Tomatoes, Sunflowers, Eggplant and Lilly’s.

Second Week of June - Plants struggling from being attacked, damaged and nearly destroyed by squirrels.

All three pots were getting dug through, two of my plants were completely knocked over and one of those plants was completely snapped in the middle.

This picture is of the most severe attack, although there were a few other times they were hit pretty bad.

With experience doctoring up plants, I restaked and tied my plants to provide as much support as I could.

Third Week of June - Plants are reaching towards tops of 2FT bamboo stakes.

Experienced many issues with squirrels digging in my pots during these first few weeks - plants recovering nicely.

I began trying to deter the squirrels with everything I could think of and all that was suggested.

Methods tried were peppermint and water mixture spray, red pepper flakes, garlic cloves, human hair, coyote urine, spiked traps, solar noise makers, wind chimes, reflective items, garden decorations and Irish Spring barred soap shavings.

I have began spraying BeeSafe 3-in-1 to protect the entire garden of insects.

Fourth Week of June - One of my plants experiencing much growth while both that were attacked went through a week or so of shock.

My tallest plant has been restaked with 4FT bamboo.

Fake animal toys from the dollar store added to all three pots as a hopeful distraction to pests.

Spraying BeeSafe Insecticide every 5 days to continue protecting the garden from insects.

First Week of July - All three plants gaining growth and more structure throughout.

Both plants that were in shock have bounced back and have been restaked with 4FT bamboo.

Insecticide being applied every 5 days.

Today July 10th - Tallest plant reaching top of 4FT bamboo, other two making noticeable growth.

Plants receive around 4-5 hours of solid sunlight each day plus periodic sunlight throughout the day.

Temperatures have been 70-95 degrees during the day and drop to 60-70 degrees at night.

Watering Practices - Since I’ve had the plants I have been feeding them daily with full strength Jacks.

I run my irrigation system twice daily for one minute each time. There has been times I run for 2 minutes at once on hotter days.

Nutrients are Ph’d between 5.8 - 6.2 before every feeding with an air stone allowing the mix to breathe.

We experience down pour rain periodically throughout the season, on those days I skip my feedings.

My smallest plant that snapped in half.

My different looking plant.

My tallest plant that appears the same strain as my smallest.

My First Question - All of my experience growing has been from cuts and I have never needed to identify a plants sex.

With being so focused on getting set up and getting through my first complications, I am just now focusing on identifying my plants and maybe even eventually determining the strain.

I plan to begin posting updates weekly or even daily. Anyone that would like to tune in or provide knowledgable insight or advice please feel free it would be greatly appreciated !


Nice garden you have there :blush:


Thank You !

It’s coming along for being arranged unexpected and on the fly. It’s also my first time growing outdoors in New York so I am making the most of the experience and learning the enviornment :call_me_hand:t3:


I am enjoying your grow and am wanting to follow along. Beautiful plants!! :blush:


Thank you ! Please feel free to join in - learn, share and support !


I am on my first grow inside. I wish I could grow outside! Maybe one day!! :blush:


Outdoor is fun but can become complicated so having much experience indoors has helped me learn outdoors more.

Indoors is a great way to learn everything, understand the enviornment and even how to control the enviornment. When you get outside, you dont have that control anymore as Mother Nature does her thing.

Enjoy your experience as it is all very fun and I plan to begin a GrowJournal for my indoor as well - I’ll post the link here for anyone that would like to tune in once I get to it !


I will be happy to follow you!!


Garden looks great. Wish I could grow outdoors as well. Climate and law enforcement say no though. This sounds familiar with the squirrelly thing going on. Have we spoken on another thread :thinking:


Yes this grower had another thread specifically about the pests mostly squirrels. By the way our squirrels hasn’t found the plants yet but if ypthey do I’ll post how to deal with them along with a good recipe


Nice garden plants look great


Apologies for the confusion - I’ve made a couple name changes but I’m going to stick with this one !

I have another thread about Pest Problems, what I forgot to mention here is the one method I have found that works !

Suggested to me by @Teri - Squirrels are scavengers and what they are doing is hiding their food within the soft mediums. They seem to be especially attracted to coco. Leaving unsalted shelled peanuts in various other locations throughout the yard, away from the plants helps provide them with food. You dont want to provide too much, as they may feel the need to hide and save some. Just enough to keep them happy and not feel the need to hide their stash !

I began this method this past week with salted shelled peanuts and they seem to be doing well. I throw a handful or two in much different locations and it seems to help keep them away !


Outdoor plants can get wild in coco. Don’t be afraid to feed multiple times a day once they get bigger, you will probably need to.


Thanks for tagging in !

I am currently feeding twice a day as that is what I have always done with outdoor.

At this point I’m trying to decipher if they are females. So far I do not see any signs of pistols, balls or hermies. I’ve never had to identify a plant like this so this process is new to me.

I’m also trying to understand how to identify indica and sativa based on leaf structure so that I can better prepare for growth.

They are all currently in 3 gallon fabric pots, I’m wondering if I should grab some 5 or 10 gallons and do a transplant or just plant one pot inside the other as I know the roots will grow through.

Anyone willing to kick some knowledgable insight or experience my way please feel free ! :call_me_hand:t3:


May be a little early to sex. I would expect by end of month though if females, males may show little sooner.

Indica leaves have more of short wide appearance, and sativa long thin. You can probably hit up Google images for side by side examples.


I’ve checked out Google images and have the Grow Bible on hand - I just prefer and enjoy to chop it up with experienced growers who are genuine and kind enough to share and exchange information and techniques !

I’m going to begin an Indoor GrowJournal for anyone who would like to stay tagged in on that journey as well. I’ll post the link here once I get it all drafted and up to speed.

Thanks again for all of your help so far along the way - stay tuned in !


That’s a good thing it means they were taken out of the garage light and adjusted to the outdoor light schedule properly by an experienced grower.

Sounds like all the advice you need can be found with the person who gave you your plant as they knew what they were doing. No pun intended. A simple look around this forum will show you many who didn’t adjust there plants properly to the outdoor light schedule and sent there plants into immediate flower.

I use an iluminated magnifier 10x and look where the leaf and stalk meet.

Welcome to the forum

Folks a 22 works on them squirrels, they tasty too or so I’m tole. A good rat terrier or Mountain Feist works well also.


I get it. Problem is that 99% of stuff out right now is hybrid. They may kinda be between the two, or you may have plants that come from same pack look like sativa dominant and others look indica dominant. Having pictures that display sharp landrace characteristics to reference can give you better idea.


Thanks for tuning in ! You were on another couple threads of mine already - I just did a name change, apologizes for the confusion !

The plants were gifted to me by an experienced grower but all that I have mentioned was all that he knew about the plants. They were some random seeds that were supposedly feminized, so I’m just hoping for the best.

I must learn the proper transition into sunlight so that I can do it on my own next year. I dont have a magnifier to identify with but it sounds like a great investment !


There cheap on eBay. Mine is handheld with a large 10x lens with a small 45x lens built in the handle with led lights. It’s also great for checking trichomes for harvest.

Here’s the thing with the 3 gallon pot for outdoor they need constant watering. An Insulated or White 5 or 7 gallon pot or bag for Autos is a better choice for outdoors. Just my two cents