Outdoor growing strains, Bay City, MI

A question from a fellow grower:

“Im looking to buy seed for an out door grow. I live in Bay City MI. I currently have on hand blue dream, chronic widow, crystal and California dream . would any of those be ok out doors in michigan weather ? What should i order next time for best results ?”

All of the ILGM autoflower strains will grow well in a cooler climate.

If you prefer to grow a photoperiod strain, here are the ones that are more likely to thrive in a cooler climate:
Blue Cheese
Durban Poison
Pure Indica
Purple Kush
Strawberry Kush
White Widow

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I live 70( ish) miles west of Chicago. I have had fairly good luck with Strawberry Kush and White widow. I even had a Banana Diesel one year that did ok. I got bag seeds from a friend and they are doing ok

Always had good luck with
Gorilla Glue
Wedding Cake did well last year
9lb hammer
Purple Headband
Gelato # 33