Outdoor growing females

Okay outdoor growers and anyone knowledgeable. I am concerned about pollination. Do I have to be concerned with the bees and butterflies pollinating the girls? There are no male mj plants around that I am aware of. Will the pollen of orange blossoms, wild flowers and various other weeds put the girls at risk? There is about 10-20 bee boxes 3/4ths mile away near the orange groves.

It’s not other plants that you’re worried about as far as oranges and all that other stuff… it’s only mmj plants that you need to be worried about …but yes bee’s could very well pollinate your plants …
. any male Plants for five miles away has the capability of pollinating your plants so that’s something to always consider… :wink:

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Thank you for the support. I didn’t take that into consideration. Found the boxes almost a mile away from my site while looking for another ideal site in case the deer, hogs, or someone wipes out the first site. Trying not to make this year a total loss like last year.