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I am growing outside. Miracle grow to promix/ manure mix in mesh bags. Thinking I did not put enough media to hold enough moisture. Feeding drains pretty quick. Just trimmed the hell out of them. Aside from that they are doing great. Nice warm, sunny days here. Nights are cooling down. A bit more shade during the day. Nice to be able to move or rotate them. Bags are great. Anybody got any suggestions?:sunglasses:


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@stretchgfw.1957, pictures would be nice.


How often do you water? Sounds to me like your soil isn’t really getting a chance to dry out maybe? Not really sure can’t tell from your pic… Oh wait thats right…

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Pictures please and welcome @stretchgfw.1957

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Make sure to keep the top few inches of your soil loose, I’ve found it holds the water better. I used strictly pro mix premium and that has held the water sufficiently for months. Also, when you water, look for any bubbles when the soil absorbs the water. Stick a small stake where you see bubbles and that will help loosen tight areas of soil. Good luck!

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Welcome to ILGM and good luck with ur ladies


These are the ak48’s started 6 july 2018 from feminized seeds.

Number 3 is Aurora indica from feminized seeds. This plant got eaten by my Great Dane. Stripped off almost everything. Salvage 2 out of 8. Very hardy… dont you think?

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They look like happy girls.

I was going to comment on the airy soil: cannabis likes it fluffy and that drains quickly. A good wet to dry cycle is something they like. I would watch toward the end of flower to leach off as much of the miracle gro as you can unless it’s for edibles. The fertilizer makes it a bit harsh to smoke. You have quite a ways to go though.

Keep us updated!

May not be as bad as I thought. Does drain rather vigorously. Plants look real good though.good stretch of temperate days and cool nights here south of Boston.:sunglasses:

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Yeah; you just have to watch for the first frost: that would be bad. October 9th? You might be able to stretch it a bit if it gets covered at night.

Bud rot is eating people alive right now so take precautions.

What do you suggest for rot prevention? They get very good sun all day until like 4pm now. Nice brezzy spot. I rotate them each weekend. Trimmed back some big shade leaves. My Aurora indica is very thick and dense. Near the ocean. Not likely killing frost until @Halloween or later if I’m lucky. :sunglasses:

Thanks man. Here to learn from all. I want to hear about the success, but I also want to hear about failures…then the solution or maybe choices available for such.:sunglasses: Did not expect the results i have so far with the ak48s.

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Arent we all… just hear to learn n grow righteous reefer

Right on man. Thanks. Did you see the pictures?

O yea. They look good n healthy. Even the one the pup smashed.

To prevent rot just make sure they have proper air ventilation. Maybe a light fan on those sticky humid days.

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Sounds great man. Thank you.:sunglasses:

No problem. Keep it green :+1:t5:

Miracle grow was my starter soil. No MG nutrients. General organics nut’s, 20ml/gal grow,20ml/gal thrive,
1tsp/gal bloom, 1.5cc CalMag/gal, now at flowering. Also using peters granular nut’s 1tsp/gal. Feeding twice a week. 10gal mesh. Promix with composted manure.

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