Outdoor Grower TRYING Indoor Winter Grow


James, it’s good to be in contact again.

I think the Administrators try to keep grow posts and responses on-topic. Which is reasonable but sometimes can be seen as heavy-handed to the responders.

My outside grow ended up as a complete 100% mould disaster.

Hey Ho, next year will be better ;0)


Big Bummer…I will not produce pot after end of Sept in this lattitude… was the Duck worth the effort ?

I am most intrigued with Kumaoni…any more details


Yes, Indica generally does mature earlier.

Day by day, they grow bigger.

Slowly, slowly…

I’m growing in 2ltr plastic bottles using the Kratky hydroponic method. I will have to move them to bigger bottles shortly as the roots have got massive.

Outdoor Grower TRYING Indoor Winter Grow 2019

Under the 300 watt led working on 18-30 timed to take advantage of any winter light available.


18-6 that is.

Outdoor Grower TRYING Indoor Winter Grow 2019

Mr Jack
do you make up your own feeding solution for the Kratky hydroponic method or is it an Amazon thang ?

My research has informed that Kumaoni is the correct weed for Celtic gentlemen…is this so, in your experience ?
Mr Jim



I’m using Vitalink Hydromax veg a&b in a weak solution along with calmax and silicon. My plan is to increase the feed solution as the plants grow.

I hope so :smile:



How to turn a Kratky seedling/veg grow into a 12-12 flowing mode using Hydromax Bloom feed?

I’m about 3 weeks off from changing the light schedule to flowering.

At that time I plan to wash/spray the roots in a weak solution of h202 to avoid transfer of harmful bacteria.

Plants are healthy and very vigorous but they do have slightly yellow air roots with matter attached.

I can see no downside other than perhaps making the mix to strong.

Please reply if you have Kratky/Cannabis growing experience.


Kratky/Cannabis growing experience

Lord Jimbo,

I’m trialling using PVA at each wound to seal the entry pathways for mould.

My current thinking is to keep the humidity low and once a week; take the piss and spread it around.

There’s a reason that weed doesn’t grow like weeds in our great climate.

We WILL succeed… but it might take a while.



Pasha O’whee

are you using urine on your plants ?

Any pics of the Kumaoni ?

I have been going through the NHS hurdles of late, around in circles as far as I can figure out.

Jimbob on and in an acre of cloud


Doctor Jim.

Yes, indeed I do spread the piss.

In the time honoured tradition.

After 8 or more pints and much, much more of the Bush… exhausted from laughing, dancing and singing.

I wend and weave my way to the potato patch.

To take the piss!

Master Of The O’whee

Outdoor Grower TRYING Indoor Winter Grow 2019

Outdoor Grower TRYING Indoor Winter Grow 2019