Outdoor Grower TRYING Indoor Winter Grow


Finally worked it out.



Da Vinci and I have never ks…it don’t matter as C at 3.its all good and I kicked 50 yean !

J68 :musical_note:


mine cost me a oner (£100) 2 months baccy and skins budget…woo woo !:star_struck:


Happy for you Jimmy. I’ll keep an eye open for a good deal.

You do know the “crypto” part was just a leg pull?

Everybody knows that Tasmanian/Welsh capitalists take the piss in public.

Set off 2 White Skunk Automatic seeds yesterday under lights.

Clones are limping along. So, I moved the light higher to lessen the leaf drying.

Tobacco plants are doing well with no extra lighting or heating.

-1c at night in my bedroom but 22.3c in my grow tent.

If I could fit…

I’d move!

Stay well my friend, stay lucky and stay ripping the tits from Da Vinci.

Duck time.



James, I don’t get notifcations of your posts anymore. Did you change settings?


Sleep with girls in grow room.


uummm…interesting as i do not get notifications of yours to me although i got a message from this site telling me to commune with other folk and not one person…weird eh…?
Coffee time …Shamus Da Vinci


r u receiving me…over


Loud and clear Jim.

My Grandkids came to visit this week and have just left for Dublin and the ferry.

Cropped one of the small Durbans yesterday and lost 25% of bud to mould making the plant a complete waste of time. I’ll cut the rest tomorrow but the outlook doesn’t look good.

Duck time…




I have all my notifications turned on but i get no notifications , I suspect the site is on the fritz / or my TOR Browser and my Pure VPN is blocking.

The Mould situation is harsh with you my friend and very sad to hear ,
UV light may be the answer ? mould spores love love plastic as a growing enviroment .

Northern Lights / Da Vinci / a homemade biriani and telly time with my main squeeze on the sofa…Yay !

Jim Lad :seedling: (before the mast of another drecht Welsh Winter)


If you go to this thread Outdoor Grower TRYING Indoor Winter Grow and add /90 to the URL you’ll get to the bottom of the posts with no scrolling.

It’s a bit of a work around but until notifications are fixed, it will have to do.




a hard road we tread.


Over here, it’s rare for a factory to be busted. It’s the smalltime DIY grows that are more likely to be raided.


I made 60 canna-caps from the Durban trim and popcorn.

Happy to say. “It’s strong at relieving my aches and pains”.

It makes me feel great.