Outdoor Grower TRYING Indoor Winter Grow


beware of the heat signature …choppers/infra-red.


LOL In the past my place was right below the army Helo resupply route.

Thankfully, now everyone can move around safely without Helo.

The north of Ireland’s police and prosecutors are in the main are practical.

Providing I don’t flaunt my grow, I should be fine.

Level 7 (aware)

Fundamentalist, sectarian, thieves and the just bloody mindless are a problem.

Level 10 (constantly aware)


hee hee !..the Paranoia runs’ deep down here in the south , a grinder is just cause for massive amounts of fed fuckerey !!! :policeman::policewoman:

okie dokie …if you missed Gardeners World on the Beeb this Friday gone, I highly recommend watching it as there is a far out segment on growing super vegetables https://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/b0bnblkv sponsored by Canna… http://www.canna-uk.com/terra_vega

Over and out


Harvested the Duck today. NO mould or bud rot was found. The buds have a deep shade of purple and a texture like satin. The aroma is like an exotic peppery spice. Not too overpowering.

The buds are on the dry rack and the trim-popcorn are in the freezer and will get the bubble bag Hash treatment.

The yield was a bit low, but I’ve had worse.

Happy day.


My first by-in for the indoor grow.


Got all my stuff today.

Tried out the PH and ppm tester on my tap water and found it was 5.9… 123… happy days.

However, my rain water was 8.9… 79… and this goes a long way to explain my low yield this year.

Next year my outdoor fertiliser will be adjusted accordingly.