Outdoor Grower TRYING Indoor Winter Grow



I’ve grown quite a few outdoors and auto’s with a longer flower time have responded well to ONE topping at an early stage. Strains with a 75% Indica tend to perform the best for me.

The example picture was of a regular fem grown outdoors from 17 March this year to the present day.

I posted it to demonstrate what the inline technique looks like.

I’ve never had an auto grow that big!

It’s a Frisian Duck with about 2=3 weeks still to go.


Still waiting to harvest. At least another 2 weeks and then there’s the dry and cure. So, mid to late November at the earliest for the smoke report.


I am pleased for you that you are in good weather, the weather down here is mucky / cold / wet / windy and generally shite exterior , you must be in a micro climate…i look forward to your Quack Report in post Guy Fawkes…Further !..Jim Lad :cold_face:


Modifying the Plan

I’m thinking (always dangerous after a few beers), a full height solar+LED light tent won’t be needed until probably week 6.

Until then, I can use the climate controlled space for hanging my 8’ drying net and adjust humidity, heat, fan and UV lamp to exactly the right conditions to ensure a good Harry Rotter free dry for all five of my outdoor plants.

If it looks like the shortfall is going to mean a dry winter/spring. I can easily design a small scale set-up with lights and use the big tent after all outdoor buds have dried.

So many ideas… so little energy.
Where’s there’s a will, there’s a way.

WILL O’whee plans work?


Jimmy Boyo, I’ll be basking come Wednesday and the Duck will LOVE the sunshine.

Absolutely not bragging… but Ireland gets the first “light” wet dump but Wales tends to get the full-on shit storm.

That’s probably why you won’t take my Winter Grow Challenge.


Mr J,
Ducks love mirror light this time year…free sunshine but you have to remember its on the move…:sun_with_face:


Mirrors don’t reflect the right kind of light.

You’d be better off just using a board painted white.

Light waves… who would guess it would be so fecked up and complicated?


What did he know about Cannabis Photons?

Good night my friend.



Depending on the strain; Cannabis Light Photons can often decide to lay down and go to blissful painless sleep and NOT to go through any double split experiment.


rain beyond belief here and enough wind to dislodge the Grey Mold !


Same here. Blew the doors off my polytunnels.

I got the dry-grow tent finished today and it’s a real Combat Engineer job!


The back panel is covered with heavy duty fleece to let in light and ventilation.

Auto grow tent - not light secure but it could be!

Say hello to my green girls…

I felt happy today.

Have a good weekend Brother


That Bee warning sign made my day. Perfect way to keep nosy people out


Doobie, I used to ask visitors to drop by to see what I was growing (before weed growing). I was just being neighbourly.

About 18 months ago. I started to spread the rumour that I had an infestation of ground wasps and for a few days I used the wife’s makeup to cover my face in red blotches when I went down the pub. When asked about the blotches I said "Aye, the face is a mess… But that’s NOTHING compared to arse and balls!

This bee thing just continues the legend.

RESULT - No poly-tunnel visitors.

It’s all about the craic :wink: and security.



Haha awesome


I had to have a reason for turning away visitors.

It worked.

You know.

Making you smile made me smile.

Have a happy Friday.

Good luck.



Sometimes when the normal practice (buying) becomes beyond reach.

You have to go Sapper…

Use whatever is available to achieve your objective.

My resources were low.

Rotten timber, wrong calculations, bad weather and the need to constantly update HQ


It’s a scrap build.

It is serviceable.



Impressive Mr J.
i am all done and cured for the year and vacuum sealing the girls on Sat.
Roll on Solstice…:sun_with_face:


What is the Green Hanging thang ? my Missus wants to know…




Misdirection is hard to pull off.

A (1st time and seasoned) stealth grower must have a plausible reason for their change to a secretive lifestyle.

Before I started… I planned the Misdirection.

I think of security in PH terms.

The sweet spot is zero.

14 is way to hot and maybe a raid is imminent.

Treating and amending your security is all part of the grow.

Best regards and good luck



Well, 7 to 8 might be a concern.


14, Your’re in lock-up for sure.