Outdoor Grower TRYING Indoor Winter Grow

base, I’ll look into it.

However, I’m located in a remote part of rural Ireland.

Sometimes/oftentimes… you have to go with what’s available and within budget.

I’m fully aware of the light spectrum issues.

That’s why I’m trying to use free solar energy, combind with the low output lights. Also have an eye on operating costs.

base, follow the link.

Mr James.

My whole aim is to jumpstart my outside grow with the light.

I JUST THOUGHT outside the box.

Please accept my sincere apologies.


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I highly recommend the roleadro 400w cob. It’s great for vegg, it’ll give you nodes that stack on top of each other. Great for getting a jump start on outside plants. It’s pretty good for flowering too. Although their 300w cob is better for flowering

I did some research on the Roleadro Led Grow Light 300W and it does seem to be well regarded by small growers. Certainly, one to consider.

I’ve got a couple of the Roleadro 400w cobs. For the money they do a pretty good job. They’re pretty inefficient, and only pull about 180watts. They’re good for about a 2’x2’ grow.
Of all the amazon lights I’ve bought they’re the best. Still, I can’t wholeheartedly recommend them because for just a little more a novice diy’er can build an eb lightstrip light that offers about the same light penetration with half the energy usage. DIY with bridgelux eb strips

I’m also rebuilding my roleadros with citizen 1212 cobs. Better light, half the energy, plus extra leftover drivers to build another light. DIY Tutorial: Upgrading the Roleadro 400w COB


Yeah, I seen that thread and I’m gonna do the same in the future. I got two of the 300w cobs from roleadro

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I think I spent $120 on parts for 2 lights. That’s pretty cheap I think. Not to mention I can use the extra drivers to build a 200w cob veg only light for about the same. :+1::+1::+1:

After the past year of slowly skyrocketing electric bills I’m looking to cut down as well as have better light.

I haven’t pulled the 300w one apart yet, have no idea how many drivers are in it

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How did the Duck smoke up ? :face_with_monocle:

the apologies.are all mine Green Emperor :dark_sunglasses:

the 627 reviews of this firecracker make interesting reading :sun_with_face:

I pulled one of the two of the 4 cob lights, and with only 2 months only them I just couldn’t do it. mine have 1 low power driver per cob and fan combo it would have probably limited the choice of replacement led’s :dog:

Have you ever grown autos using the training technique you’re considering?


I’ve grown quite a few outdoors and auto’s with a longer flower time have responded well to ONE topping at an early stage. Strains with a 75% Indica tend to perform the best for me.

The example picture was of a regular fem grown outdoors from 17 March this year to the present day.

I posted it to demonstrate what the inline technique looks like.

I’ve never had an auto grow that big!

It’s a Frisian Duck with about 2=3 weeks still to go.

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Still waiting to harvest. At least another 2 weeks and then there’s the dry and cure. So, mid to late November at the earliest for the smoke report.

I am pleased for you that you are in good weather, the weather down here is mucky / cold / wet / windy and generally shite exterior , you must be in a micro climate…i look forward to your Quack Report in post Guy Fawkes…Further !..Jim Lad :cold_face:


Modifying the Plan

I’m thinking (always dangerous after a few beers), a full height solar+LED light tent won’t be needed until probably week 6.

Until then, I can use the climate controlled space for hanging my 8’ drying net and adjust humidity, heat, fan and UV lamp to exactly the right conditions to ensure a good Harry Rotter free dry for all five of my outdoor plants.

If it looks like the shortfall is going to mean a dry winter/spring. I can easily design a small scale set-up with lights and use the big tent after all outdoor buds have dried.

So many ideas… so little energy.
Where’s there’s a will, there’s a way.

WILL O’whee plans work?

Jimmy Boyo, I’ll be basking come Wednesday and the Duck will LOVE the sunshine.

Absolutely not bragging… but Ireland gets the first “light” wet dump but Wales tends to get the full-on shit storm.

That’s probably why you won’t take my Winter Grow Challenge.

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Mr J,
Ducks love mirror light this time year…free sunshine but you have to remember its on the move…:sun_with_face: