Outdoor Grower TRYING Indoor Winter Grow 2019


The KumoaniNI plants are growing fast, despite multiple toppings and bending are outgrowing the tunnel space. They have yet to enter the flowering stage. I’m going to have to be inventive in my height control and mould protection later in the year.

The two cages in the rear are KumoaniNI plants. The tall ones were started in June with the other one started about 4 weeks later.

Extreme bending!

This is my new strain JamkoNI growing in soil and in hydroponics.

There’s not enough veg time left under natural light for them to reach full maturity. Maybe, just maybe, they might produce a bud rot free crop.

Here’s my 3rd generation Jamaican Pearl going into week 5 of flowering and the next generation of clones coming along nicely.

My Kratky++ system is doing just fine.

The Perfect Spliff Project took a huge leap forward when my Virginia Gold tobacco plant went into flower.

Happy days.

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If I was intending to sell my new strain (which I’m not), I’d probably rip off some famous marketing icon.

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The two cages in the rear are KumoaniNI plants. The tall ones were started in June with the other one started about 4 weeks later.

Both sets of plants have completed the pre-flower stage and have started to show very early signs of early bud growth. I expect to be able to confirm the sex of each plant over the next few weeks. At that stage, I’ll cull the males and train the females to take up a much lower profile.

Here are some photos of extreme bending and in some cases snapping of stems in my attempts to restrict the height of the plants.

My new strain JamkoNI which is growing in soil and hydroponics has also completed pre-flowering. Although they have only spent a few weeks in veg, I’m still hopeful of a decent harvest.

My Jamaican Pearl in entering the 7th week of flower under 250 LED lights boosted by natural sunlight from 1100 to 1900hrs. The buds are starting to join up and form colas with some of the lower leaves turning brown and dying off. This is a good sign as the plant is entering the final stage.

My Kratky++ system is growing well and I have great hopes for a good harvest from these 3 plants.

The Perfect Spliff Project took another step forward when my Virginia Gold tobacco plant started to show gorgeous flowers and the lower leaves turned golden yellow. I’ve harvested and dried a few leaves and the smoke is mild with no burnt grass taste.

Things are on track.

Happy days.



The KumoaniNI and JamkoNI plants have gotten out of control in the first few weeks of flower. There’s still no real sign of gender. Each plant could go either way. I think they have completed pre-flower and maybe the first two weeks of flower. The males will drop their pollen in week six or seven. So, I’ve got the time and can afford to wait and be certain of gender before culling.

Week ten will be the earliest time to crop for a hashish harvest based on my previous grow. That means harvest day will be 8th November. I have never had a plant survive the mould and mildew the always starts in mid-August. It won’t be the end of the world if this grow goes tits-up, as my two other grows, which are under lights are nearing completion and the buds and hashish produced will be enough to last me at least six months.

Jamaican Pearl entering week ten of the full flower.

Looking good. I’m going to harvest next Friday.

My one KumoaniNI and two Jamaican Pearls are still doing OK, but the buds are light and airy. I think that I’ve made the classic newbie error of cramming too many plants under one light. In a way, it doesn’t matter, as they are destined for the bubble bags and be turned into hash.

Happy days


Sweet thread! Nice work. Only a dream for me to do something like that at this point.

So I so I enjoyed your journey!

Be blessed.

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The two grow tents have been harvested, dried and is currently curing in jars, with the aid of Bovida packs.

OK, it’s only four plants.

The yield is below expectations, but it’s enough to last six months.

I’ve already got some clones in flower and a few cuttings beginning to root.

The grow will go on.

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So you know…you don’t want flowers on a Tobacco plant. I’ve toured a Tobacco Plant in Honduras. They walk the crops daily removing the flowers.

Also…take leaves from the bottom first. As you go up the plant, the leaves will get stronger at the top. Basically a tobacco plant with have 3 primes. I think that was the term they used. Prime 1-3, Prime 4-6 and finally Prime 7-9.

This refers to how they remove the leaves. I hope this helps you.

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Thank you for your advice. This is my first attempt at growing tobacco and I hope to collect seeds from the flower buds for next year’s grow.

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October, September and November were bad months for me health-wise, and I let things slip.

I did manage to cull the males from my polytunnel grow and just left them to grow. As expected, the buds never increased in size beyond pop-corn size and mildew set in during November. Overcast skies and high humidity coupled with cold temperatures proved too much for the KumoaniNI and JamkoNI.

Next year I plan to do another seed grow using an early strain of Indica and cross with KumoaniNI and JamkoNI female clones. My dream of breeding an outdoor strain that can withstand the climate of the North of Ireland could become a reality in 2020.

I harvested my hydroponically grown JamkoNI today. The buds smell strong and a few of them were
quiet big.

Jamaican Pearl clones going into 4th week of flower.

I’m going to use the modified dehydrator and Boveda bags in glass jars for the dry & cure. Exactly the same as the last time.

In my small grow tent, I’ve got a Jamaican Pearl that’s in week 10 or flower and should be ready to harvest just before Christmas.

My clone tent is producing some outstanding plants. When a clone gets too big for the tent, I move it into one of the flowering tents, after taking some cuttings to maintain the continuous flowering cycle. This means I’ll always be 3 or 4 weeks between harvests.

Happy days @James68


This is really cool and I’m gonna continue watching.

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Hiya Mr Jack,

glad to see you back on the poop deck and I hope you are well .

Big Bummer about our shite weather nailing your gal’s .

People over here are getting their tits-in-a-tangle over ground source heat pumps and govt. grants. I’m checking out the mechanics of this system and maybe attempt a Heath Robinson version although I am observing a constant heat source coming from my compost. This is fun !

Via Con Dios Amigo


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I bought my landrace seeds from seedsman - Kumaoni-regular-seeds on the understanding they would be a cold-hardy, mould/mildew & bug resistant pure Sativa.

To my mind (at that time), these seeds would be ideal for growing in the North of Ireland 54.5977° N with maximum daylight hours of 17.15hrs and minimum 7.15hrs.

However, the seeds turned out to be original and had come from Uttarakhand, Northern India 30.0668° N with maximum daylight hours of 14.05hrs and minimum 10.11hrs.

My first seed breeding grow was carried out in a small tent and used a combination of natural light and a 300 watt LED. I used 18/6 lights for veg and a staggered light schedule of 1 week at 14/10, 1 week at 13/11, 6 weeks at 12/12 and 6 weeks at 10/12.

With the luck-of-the-Irish, the light schedule worked and I got a few hundred Kumaoni seeds along with hundreds of Kumaoni - Jamaican Pearl cross seeds.

Subsequent indoor grows under lights have produced satisfactory yields and smokes.

In June/July, I tested both sets of seeds by germinating and planting 15 of each strain in my polytunnel under natural daylight only.

Explosive veg growth started almost immediately and continued until about the second week of September when the first signs of flowering started to show.

I knew that my experiment was going to fail.

The original seeds were not acclimatised to the daylight hours and extreme climate conditions of winter in the North of Ireland.

By late November the plants had only managed to produce some scraggly buds and mildew/bud rot had set in, the whole lot had to be chucked.

I started 2019 in very poor shape. No smokes and very little chance of growing anything worthwhile.

I start 2020 in much better shape. 3 months of smokes and a 4-week continuous harvest schedule along with hundreds of seeds.

I’m developing a cunning plan to beat the mildew and rot by crossing early hardy landrace Indica with my current plants.

Plan it, practice it, pucking do it…

Good luck

Outline Research and Planning for 2020

Reality Check

KumoaniNI seeds are going to take a long time to acclimatise to my latitude and persistent overcast skies. I’ll keep the few hundred seeds from my breeding grow 2019, but I will no longer grow them.

My current Jamaican Pearl clones will grow out to harvest. I will stop cultivating/cloning this plant in 2020.

JamkoNI (Kumaoni - Jamaican Pearl cross seeds) is worth persevering with. Early Pearl is part of the genetics and JamkoNI has produced some big dense buds. I’m going to use this plant in 2020. I have a few hundred good quality seeds and will start new breeding grow with the aim of back-crossing the Sativa strain and generating a new cross with Ata Tundra.

<>Ata Tundra is a pure Indica F1 hybrid strain from Alaska, which exhibits fantastic hardiness and resistance to frosts due to its acclimatisation to local conditions. finishes in just 45 days [indoors] and before the end of September outdoors in the northern hemisphere in 6-8 weeks.<>

I’ve researched and nearly dismissed it. Hardly anyone has a good word for this strain but everyone agrees that Ata Tundra produces solid buds with a high THC level. Almost no one managed to get the quick flowering timeline.

Using Anchorage for the daylight times and 7th October for the harvest date, I back-tracked 56 days and got 19th August for the start of the flowering date.

On that day Anchorage will have 15.23hrs of daylight and that light level will trigger the flowering cycle.

The North of Ireland has 15.23hrs of daylight on the 8th August and an 8-week harvest date 3rd October.

I can work with that timeline.

Propagate and veg from mid-June.

Harvest 1st October

January to June, I’ll use my grow tents to experiment with breeding, cross-breeding and finish growing out the clones.

That’s my outline plan for 2020.

I might need a shovel of luck and some hot manure from my friend @James68 LOL



People living in Austin would be ideally placed to grow KumoaniNI seeds.

Austin, Texas United States

Coordinates: 30°15′N 97°45′W

Near Latitude: 30

Near Longitude: -100

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30°55′N 75°51′E Ludhiana Punjab India
30°45′N 76°47′E Chandigarh N/A India
30°42′N 88°03′W Mobile Alabama United States
30°40′N 104°04′E Chengdu Sichuan People’s Republic of China
30°35′N 114°17′E Wuhan Hubei People’s Republic of China
30°30′N 47°49′E Basra N/A Iraq
30°26′N 9°36′W Agadir Agadir Prefecture Morocco
30°20′N 81°40′W Jacksonville Florida United States
30°15′N 97°45′W Austin Texas United States
30°15′N 120°10′E Hangzhou Zhejiang People’s Republic of China
30°12′N 71°28′E Multan Punjab Pakistan
30°3′N 31°14′E Cairo N/A Egypt
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altitude could be a factor …maybe a decompression chamber as the ultimate grow room for KumoaniNI.

Altitude doesn’t affect flowering times

Kumoani landrace seeds need around 12hrs of darkness to trigger the flowering cycle (Uttarakhand, Northern India 30.0668° N with maximum daylight hours of 14.05hrs and minimum 10.11hrs.).

My KumoaniNI seeds may have been breed in NI under lights, but they still retained landrace genetically and acclimatisation characteristics.

Late flowering around September 22nd under daylight at 54 North was the kiss of death.

Not every experiment is successful.

I learnt a lot in 2019.

One of the breeding experiments planned for next year will be the crossing of JamcoNI x ATA Tundra and JamcoNI x White Widow with the aim of getting an early finishing outdoor strain.

I’m a stubborn fecker and eventually, I’ll breed a strain that can grow like weeds in the North of Ireland.

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I have to wonder if that’s true outdoors. The increased UV may well enhance maturation. But it does seem unlikely that altitude, in and of itself, affects flowering times.

The limiting process for plant growth for many species is CO2 diffusion, which depends on the CO2 concentration. If the gas in the hyperbaric chamber has the same composition as air, then the increased pressure will mean an increased CO2 concentration, which will speed the growth process.

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I thought UV light was included in LED grow lights to act as an insect repellant.

This article is pushing UV as a unique selling point in its marketing rattle.


They may well be justified.