Outdoor Grower TRYING Indoor Winter Grow 2019


Man i have ti say

Nice job!

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They look a little sad, are you keeping then moist with clones Have found keeping them moist for the first couple weeks seams to be good I have only lost 2 clones in 15 years I never give a full dose of fertilizer, starting out I just keep them moist them after they are standing tall I use half strength of Fert then if ever thing looks good the second feeding I bump it up (NOT FULL STRENGTH) they should do well third feeding about 3 months old clones full strength they should be on there way, if you are out doors keep an eye out for bugs, mold, crap like that you should have success !



The JP clones were taken at harvest time way back in November 2018. I’m only running a small grow, I picked the best two and chucked the rest.

End of grow clones always grow slow and bushy. The roots are healthy and about 18" long.

LOL… All plants that have just been low-stress-trained will look a little sad but I’m confident that within a few days they will recover and start many main cola branches.



Thank you


Light schedule for next weeks weather and sunlight times.

Weather for next week is forecast to be cold but sunny.

Daylight times for the north of Ireland

I need to take advantage of the free solar energy without compromising my plant in the south facing open to sunlight veg tent.

300 watt LED set to the following times:

0700 on
0900 off

1600 on
2359 off

This will give me 7hrs of energy saving each day giving a monetary saving of approximately £28 if I keep the same schedule during the whole of February.

Not a bad return for so little effort.

I’m staying with 0700 on 1900 off for my flowering tent as I want as much LED light/sunlight as possible to promote early growth.

Later in the year, I’ll have to fully light proof the tent.


Interesting article about greenhouse growing and light manipulation.

I’ll have to work on off-grid solutions to keep my nutrient tanks cool and additional ventilation in the hotter periods of the year.

Kratky/Cannabis growing experience

I’ve used this low tech (off-grid) way of cooling a water bottle by wrapping in wet cloth and then tieing a string to the neck and swing it around and around my head to generate airflow. It does work.

It wouldn’t take much effort to adopt such a system to my grow tent. and nutrient tank.

I need to build some kind of lightproof Venetian blind ventilation system and combine it with a fan to get the air moving inside the tent and activate the Coolgardie system.

A man with a plan
Sometimes that’s what I need to get out of bed!


Today I moved the male and 2 fems (Kumaoni) and my best Jamaican Pearl to an improvised bloom solution tank connected to a reserve tank by a syphon hose. Both tanks will empty at the same rate. This will give me 38 litres of available solution, which should be enough to get to harvest without any top ups.

Improvised Bloom Tank

Syphon and Reserve Tank

The Boy and Girls Freshly LST’ed


I’m a bit concerned about front row droopy one. Hopefully, it will perk up in the new solution and dead on 5.7 ph level.

A good day, a rare day in which I didn’t feck up anything.

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“A good day, a rare day in which I didn’t feck up anything.”

Turns out I spoke too soon.

I was right to be concerned about droopy leaves and slowed growth.

This only accelerated over the following days to the point of almost total plant shut down.

Checked and double checked Ph and PPM of nutrients in both tanks and they were all “dead on”.

I was sure that changing nutrients to bloom and altering the light cycle to 12/12 wasn’t the main problem (shock may have made things a bit worse) as the symptoms had been present in the veg stage.

Really there was only one major thing to check.

Water temperature.

In my veg tent, I’d kept back a small clone growing in a 2l plastic bottle placed on a propagation mat and found the temp to fluctuate between 14c and 18c. This surprised me, as the prop mat is supposed to pump out a constant 22c. Investigating further I found the bottom 2" of water was indeed 20-22c with the temp falling off the higher up the bottle. In fact, the top 1" showed only 8-10c. Because I’m growing the Kratky method, I don’t have water circulation other than convection. Think back, the symptoms really began to be noticeable when I changed the early seedlings from .5l bottle used in early propagation to the taller 2l bottle.

Moving the 4 plants to a much larger flowering tank probably doubled if not trebled the symptoms because the volume of water could only lead to more severe temperature layers. 12c bottom of the tank to a low of 4c at the top.

It’s no wonder my plants went into shutdown.

My fix was to:

  1. Move all plants back to the veg tent 18/6 lights and change nutrients to veg.

  2. Cutback the height of the bottles to about 12"

  3. Reduce water level to 4"

  4. Use air fan and propergation mat to maintain a more constant 20c-22c temp

It’s early days but my canna-family are recovering and starting to grow again.

Who knows, the trauma may make the plants stronger in the long term.

My respect for both strains cold hardiness and general lust for life only increases day-by-day.

Yes, I feck-up but I fixed the feck-up.

DWC really that easy?

Nice job on the analysis!

I have never used the Kratky method on weed before, interesting to see.

Looks like it has the potential to be a challenge.



I’ve moved 3 of my healthiest plants into 11-litre square shaped pots, made lightproof lids and a water level indicator. Each pot has 2.5 litres of Vitalink Hydromax veg a&b 3mls, calmax .5mls and silicon .5mls per litre. Checked and double checked Ph and PPM of nutrients in all tanks and they were all “dead on”.

The pots are sitting on heat mats and maintain a 20- 22c temperature.

Looking good.

I just might be back-on-track.


Jackowhee, Nice job! you got them looking good so far!

What is your opinion about the square pots? Do you like them?


Bat, I think the squat type pots give a wider area for the heat mat to regulate the temperature. I used 2 heavy duty pedal bin liners to waterproof them, scrap plywood and some foam. I was all in, as the price was right!


Ha! I like it!

Being wise i see!

Had a baby over my way.



That’s one healthy looking seedling. I wish you the best of luck and hope you have a smooth and trouble free grow.

Very best regards


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The plants seem to have recovered from the cold and are now thriving. The SoG netting is a new addition and I’m hoping to be swimming in a warm “sea-of-green” by the end of March.

The grow tent will need to be heightened before turning on to flowering.

2 Komoni clones taken for insurance and maybe the next grow.

Good luck with your grows.


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I’m rearranging the deckchairs on the Titanic again!

This time I’ve used a big tank with an aquarium water heater to maintain constant 20c through 24hrs.

I emersed my 4 Cratky pots and covered the tank with black plastic.

This means I can tailor the Ph and nutrients to suit each plant’s needs and requirements.

Happy days.



I switched the lights from 18/6 to 14/10 about a week ago with the aim of replicating end-of September sunlight times. This has triggered the first unmistakable signs of flowering. For the next 2 weeks, I’ll run 13/11 lights and change the nutrients in the Cratky pots to Bloom at 3mils per litre with .5mil CalMag & Silicon next weekend. After that, I’ll run at 12/12 for most of the flowering period only reducing light times to 8/16 in the final phase about the same time as flushing.

The temperature inside the tent and poly-tunnel can fluctuate between 10c and 34c depending on strength of sunlight, cloud cover and wind direction. To even things out a bit, I’ve erected a sunlight reflector above the tent a fan inside the tent and set the water temperature to 20c.

I’ve noticed some very small mites on the underside of fan leaves and stems of a couple of plants. Neem oil spraying seems to have them under control at the moment but this situation will have to be watched and treated.

Stay well, stay healthy but above all… stay lucky.


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The rapid spurt in growth on entering the flowering stage has made it necessary to tie down the main cola branches. At the same time, I’ll change the nutrients to bloom. 3 mils per litre of water, cal-mag and silicon filling the pots to halfway.

Hopefully, the plants will recover from the rough handling and each bud site will be able to develop to their full potential.

Confident I’ve done the right thing.

But I’m going to monitor the plants closely.

Stay lucky

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Hello there Jackie Boy,


how did the Kumaoni work out for you ?
I see that that are back in stock but I seek your pot wisdom on this Nepali strain, did your plants turn out to be females or are they a mixed sex seeds pack ?..was it a blistering high ?
I am into my second full moon of growing Auto Afghanis and the gals are looking tit ripping happy!

I send fraternal greetings to you across the ditch