Outdoor grow What to do

Going to put 6 planta outside. My question is do you have to feed nutrients. Does the sun give them everything that they need . They’re gonna be out in the woods. I have everything I need from doing the indoor grows but I’m just wondering do the same rules apply for outside once. Let me know what you guys do

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Same feeding. Maybe more watering depending on how hot is gets. A lot more pest control. Also, outside, watch out for prying eyes. Other people can be worse than anything. Animals will try to eat them too if you don’t be have something around them, as well.


What type of woods? Coniferous forests have soil that can be very acidic. Hopefully you are in a deciduous forest. For my guerilla grow I will need to use bagged soil for that reason…pine trees.

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Best advice I can give for an outdoor grow is to contact your county extension and have them do a soil test. They should be able to provide you with a variety of information about the soil you’ll be growing in including Ph, lack of or excess certain nutrients etc.

@Wanna-be-a-farmer couple things come to mind with plants in a wooded area. Be sure they get enough sunlight where you stick them, beware that deer and whatnot will eat them, how far will you have to haul water and nutes? (you’ll definitely want to feed them this season) and people will steal your sh!t if given 1/2 an opportunity.

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If growing outdoors could you use dry fertilizer in your soil like foxfarm 6-4-5 or foxfarm 4-9-3 i was thanking about starting to plants outside just putting in dirt and adding fertilizer to dirt then transplanting seedlings and let them roll with just ph water and cal mag

Right on peeps thank you for all the advice we will see how goes ill will post pics when i gwt going