Outdoor grow. What potting soil to use

This is my first time grow. I live in a state that allows recreational grows. My question concerns the type of potting soil to use in my containers. I’m growing in pots because I don’t get continuous sun in my back yard. I need to move the pots around to give the plants as much sun as possible. I’m retired so I can do this. I’ve looked online for the best potting mix to use. Fox Farm, Roots Organic, Dr. Earth, Black Gold Organic, etc. Some of these mixes seem to have some sort of problems. Gnats, sticks and other things. Can anyone recommend a good potting soil to use? I’ve done some research on super soils and they seem like a lot of work for my first time grow. I want something a little easier. I found online a company that makes a premix super soil concentrate that you add to a potting mix that I would like to try. Its called Natures Living Soil. But I need to add it to a potting soil Any suggestions? I will be growing White Widow Auto Fem since this is my first grow. Thanks.

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I have used Happy Frog for 3 years. I tried Fox Farm and I wasn’t impressed. I always use a starting soil before I put my plants into their final pot. These pre-made potting soils are usually pretty hot with nutes.
Another favorite around here is Pro Mix.

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I use Natures living soil and i mix mine with Blackgold all purpose organic potting soil. I also mix perlite.
Im also about to do my first outdoor grow, and i will be using that mix. :smiley:
But i will be adding something for bugs, i just dont know what yet.

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@SeenDog I’d be interested in what you add for pests. I’m just now starting 4’x4’x20” planter boxes.


I’ll be growing outside this year and like to know about pest control additive also

Growing weeds is a great retirement hobby eh? Unless you are after award-winning plants you can save bucks by going with generic potting soil (no nutrients) and mix it 2:1 with perlite. The perlite is necessary to insure adequate drainage and air for root growth. After plants are growing the pots are watered two or three times per week with nutrient. I’d recommend Fox Farm nutrients but any tomato fertilizers will do a great job.


I haven’t even thought of bugs. I’d be interested in knowing what you use also.

Im using Happy Frog for base. !st time using it. Looks like some good stuff to me.

I have been doing a lot of research and I to will be using Happy Frog. Am curious as to what you will be adding to it.

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From what I saw about this soil its theres no added nutes so Im mixing a super soil mix. I couldn’t find anything that said I couldn’t lol @BEP

Let me know how it goes cause I’m doing the same thing. Its called Natures Living Soil. I will let you know how it goes for me. If you have any other suggestions let me know as this is my first grow. Will be growing 10 White Widow Auto Fem. in probably 5 gal plastic pots. Since my back yard is sometimes shaded I will be moving the plants around to maximize the sun. Hopefully I can get in a second grow this season. The only other thing up in the air is what type of pots to use. Plastic or cloth. I’ve heard good and bad about both.

@BEP I did a ss grow last yer but I mixed it to weak but got some really nice looking plants. If your growing fem autos 5gal pots will be good. I prefer the cloth pots myself. if your growing fem photos 7 gal is better. Im growing in 10 gal pots. I mix my own soil … a bit scheaper too. if yoou use the plastic bucket be sure yu9 drill plenty of holes in it.

So far from what I can see my biggest expense is going to be the soil. Can I mix some of my garden soil in to help cut some of that cost. With the fox farm and the super soil concentrate I’m looking at almost $300. If I mix in some garden soil which has a lot of composted leaves in it, is the only thing I need to worry about the pH?

I wouldn’t unless you have to. That’s where mixing your own can save you money. if you spent the money on that living soil your better off not using your garden soil in the mix. if you do it right you could have a really good harvest. my opinion any ways.

Thanks. One more question for you. Why do you cloth pots over plastic?

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the root ball is bigger and belter formed. Soil dries more evenly. Cloth pots are inexpensive and reusable for several grows. And lastly I grow in 10 gal pots.
They are well worth the money


Thanks for all your help.

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Just a suggestion for some bug control is food grade DE you can put it in the ground around your plants and on them for bugs it’s like walking on shards of glass I used it last year on my outdoor grow and had very little bugs except spiders but they are welcome in my garden


@Josh1126 Nice, I just got some and will start adding to the surrounding soil and on the plants.

Do you keep adding throughout the grow?

Also, have you used BT for caterpillars? Trying to figure out the best schedule for applying.

Just read this technique on another site:

Wet Method of Diatomaceous Earth Application

  • Add 4 tablespoons of diatomaceous earth into a one-gallon container of water with a lid the seals tightly. Screw the lid on and shake vigorously until the DE dissolves into the water.
  • Fill a spray bottle or garden pump sprayer with the mixture.
  • Spray the plants with a fine mist until they are wet but not dripping. Spray the undersides of leaves too.
  • Allow the plants to dry. As the water evaporates the DE is left behind as a protective barrier which adheres to the plant’s leaves and stems.