Outdoor grow using coco coir and hydro nutrients. can it work

have private yard and want try growing from seed using 10 gallon pots with a coco-coir and perlite mix. I can water when required. Would using hydro nutrients work when I water my babies. Plenty of exp. growing outside in soil but keen to try something different, any info


it should work @milo1952 are you using fabric pots?


@milo1952 first off welcome to the forum
I’m with @BIGE don’t see why it wouldn’t but
Let’s tag in @Donaldj he’s a hydro guy and my have a little more input on this

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gee you guys are quick. Thanks. I.am thinking of using 10 gallon buckets with side and base holes for aeration and drainage. Read that coco mixed with perlite would be good. Used hydroponic fertilizers in a grow room under lights but I now have a private yard. Can do all daily water and nutrient routines.as per indoor hydro.

Two cloned sativa’s growing together in a 10 gallon smart pot in 70/30 coco/perlite mix using General Hydro nutes on the “lucus formula” which is 0/6/9 (G/M/B) and I feed twice daily with nutes. Pseudo Hydro

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that’s modified Lucas Formula :wink: it’s working for you though have you had to add Cal-mag?

Yes, @Donaldj it’s modified lucas or actually I am following “Head goes coco” formula which calls for just Bloom nutes once the stretch has stopped (he admits a 10% loss in growth for a cleaner burning, tasty and smooth smoke). I think next grow I would be inclined to try @latewood nute formula (using some Grow in early flower and Micro/Bloom until a week out from harvest).

I add epsom salt at rate of .75grams/gallon until last week when I bumped it to 1gram/gallon. I started out using calimagic+ and had a problem early on in my tent so I put that stuff away and followed Head’s rec to use ES instead (though he stopped using it in late 2011).

It’s all good I only mention that it’s modified for accuracy so people reading understand feeding is no one formula or rule that it is usually tweaked and adjusted to work for different grows ie… Epsom salt over Cal-mag :wink: most likely the issue you were having was result of too much N due to added Cal-mag.
I like and have used Lucas at 6/12 8/16 during flower with little need for Calmag while using AN Jungle Juice (knock off Flora series :wink: ) with promix and DWC but not coco. Currently being cheap and running GH Maxi series 1 part for veg 1 part for flower slightly simpler than Lucas and working quite well with modified dosing starting 1/2 working to 2/3 ending 1/2
This also includes some boosters like liquid koolbloom Sweet etc…

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I really appreciate your input @Donaldj
I seriously considered bumping up to the 8/16 as 6/9 results in such low ppm’s and I have read so much about being in the 1200 range for flower but 6/9 is never going to get you there. Being my first grow currently and wanting to play safe and keep it simple I went for the 6/9 but I see some experimentation coming in my next grow !!

I am using autopots, which I like, and it is a passive pseudo hydro as the plants are bottom fed continuously from a central res. All my studying on these pots suggested not shooting for real high ppm’s due to the continuous nature of the system. Lots to learn.

Did not know about fabric pots I’m 65 and they weren’t around. Checked em out and I see their advantage. Good onya for thetip mate


Welcome to ILGM So your 65 wow i’m glade cause now i’m not the oldest lol
You got some good advice from @Donaldj
As you can see i’m garrigan65 lol


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just a guy from the 70’s.is all.

Totally new to coco and perlite I’ll be using 2 600w hps lights, the nutrients in the pic smart pots. Seeds germinated in rock wool. I would really love some insight. Please and thanks