Outdoor grow tutorial

Has anyone here ever done a step by step tutorial for a outdoor in the ground grow? I am hoping someone with expertise will chime and in. I did my first outdoor grow this year, started with 9 plants, critters ate 5. 1 is doing great 1 is just ok and the other 2 look very poor. Thanks for any help.

pictures? did you treat the remaining 3 for pests? and are you continuing to treat them? and with what. wow. so many questions. whats the weather like?

You may want to fill out a ticket.

@AAA has some beautiful plants going in the dirt and there are plenty others on here as well.

I don’t know how to do that copy and paste thing. I planted seeds from ILGM can’t remember the type. I planted in brush piles pushed up from fence clearing work. Gave them some fertilizer called coop poop during early growth. I have gave them tiger bloom when they started to flower. They get pond water about twice a week. Temps have been 90’s to high 90’s with 60 to 85 % humidity.

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Pictures would help and any concerns that apply to those pictures.

Hopefully this will get you started


Thanks for the link that’s what I was looking for. The only picture I have is of my real good plant which I’ll post. If the other three make it that’ll be great if they don’t I’ll chalk it up to a learning experience. I plan on having a much better soil to plant in next spring , i’ll dig a large hole and fill it with the good Soil. I plan on using Fox Farms with some compost material out of my cattle pens.

looking healthy.

Since you ae growing big, check out this link:

Thanks again for all the help! Happy growing.