Outdoor Grow Security Ideas

Hey there, My dreams are coming true…I can now grow 4 beautiful plants in my Oregon yard. I have a dedicated 15’ x 15’ garden with a 6-foot cyclone fence around it but I need some REAL world advice on security. I’m terrified some punks will rip me off.

With all due respect, I’m looking for advice from those with experience in the subject of keeping outdoor plant safe in your yard…I can’t do a dog, razor wire, electric etc.

Any experienced advice on alarms or anything else would be super cool.

I included a shot of my 6 week old lovelys just waiting to go outside

Thanks much


Out of sight, out of mind. Greenhouse. It doesn’t have to be expensive. Mine is made out of Doug fir 1 by 2 and 6 mil poly. It works quite well except for the odor.

Put in a vegetables garden with tomatoes and put plants between tomatoes, as for the smell ,either get some plants In now to cover the smell once they go to flower or if you can stand the SME make a second garden and fertilizer with chook poo or any other one that stinks , and keep fertilize throughout flowering stage to cover plant smell.

Get a camera system that you can view when your not around from phone or tablet. If your property is fenced and your plants arent drawing too much attention you should be fine. Dont tell anybody and no one will know, you can easily maintain any grow just keep to yourself. I got 12 cameras and my yard is fenced and have posted beware of dog and no trespassing, if anyone is dumb enough to come into my yard I have a problem solver and its name is revolver lol :wink:


Surrounded by cyclone fence? Put slats in the fence obstruct view. Also cover the top with heavy gauge chicken mesh. Buy signs at hardware store: No Trespassing Violators will be Prosecuted, Property Under Surveillance, etc… . Place signs around property line at access points. While at hardware store, if you can afford it, buy some motion activated flood lights (I use solar powered ones) and target them on any access points to property.

This is all very cheap (except the lights), but will be effective.

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You can make very simple tripwire alarms using fishing line and cans. Sounds silly, but it does work. I have tripwires around my property that not only pull over stacks of hidden paint cans, but also rattle cans inside my house.

Security is about understanding the criminal practice. Thieves do not want to be seen or heard, and they need to move fast. Spotlight them, slow them down, and make it hard for them, and they will move on to easier targets.


Thanks much MyFriendis410…would love greenhouse but not in the cards yet.

Thanks Coltfire…good advice

I like the alarm idea…if it’s not too much trouble, can you tell me which system you have that alerts to phone?

Thank much Dr DankThumb420

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Thanks DissidentPriest…Good things to consider there

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I have a QSee setup and a samsung setup. Both work great… The cameras have motion sensors and alarms and speakers so when someone walks up it beeps and I can hear them talking. You can also make certan parts of the screen more sensitive, for example, put camera on door to a grow and custom tailor the sensor to be more sensitive on the door and it will alert u when anything gets close

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If you have to grow where people can see what you’re doing then you take the chance of it being harvested by someone else. Camera’s may only show some dark figure removing them at night. Like what was said, out of sight out of mind. But if you have to grow in plain sight of others then maybe a sign on the fence.


Depends how yours are setup. Motion sensor lights 360° around my property, no dark spots, I will definitely be able to tell who it is @NTMAREMACH


All my plants are grown indoors, the wife doesn’t want them to be seen from the road so for now…Anyway I just happen to know someone who lost most of his harvest just before he was able to harvest it. Most likely somebody he knew that he had bragged to and even if he had lights and camera’s set up all he would of seen is someone dressed in dark clothes and there face covered. In and out in a few minutes.Now if I were growing outside I would have the lights, camera and some sort of system to notify me of the light coming on. Good luck


Honestly, if you make your garden/outside of your property look scary - and by this I mean, nails, a whiskey bottle or 3, some barbed wire maybe? and a few - rob me and I will break your face signs, maybe some SMILE YOUR ON CAMERA’s? I wouldn’t wana mess with you personally.
EVEN BETTER! if guns are legal in your state, or whatever the rules are, get some trespassers will be shot on site signs.


The cameras notify if the light comes on. Lol if it is that simple as too walk in with a mask and walk out with everything, maybe they shouldnt be growing outside or at all lol. I watch my cameras like a hawk man I wish somebody would try something I got all this artillery that serves its purpose :imp: I grow outside and inside too.


Back when my friend was robbed it was not legal in Ma to have or grow. If you grew on your property they could take quite a bit of your stuff so most growing was done off property. All I know is that all my friends who know I grow inside also know I have a large German Shepard and a larger gun safe. lol


I’ve grow outside every year , I only have 6 ft high fence and the back fence has a park on other side of it , and I have found as long as you tell no one then you will be more likely to get to harvest without a problem ,as long as you address the smell before hand , no one will be any the wiser

Honestly most people won’t rob in the day, usually you scout in the day come back at 4am, so I’d suggest a big light that comes on with movement and maybe some barbed wire? Warning signs? Trespassers will be shot on sight? Doesn’t mean you have to actually shoot um… but it makes anyone think twice