Outdoor grow questions

A question from a fellow grower:

  1. When some strains say indoor grow only, does this mean they won’t grow outdoors? Or just really susceptible to things going wrong out doors? There’s a couple strains I want to try at some point (super silver haze, +others)

  2. How much direct sun light outdoors is required, my ww auto started budding 7 weeks from seed but only grew 3 inches high prior to budding.

Hey fellow grower I think the reason behind the outside thing is, well the super silver haze, haze being saliva dominant so it will have the ability to be taller than most have room for inside? Maybe shoot idk that’s what come to mind. Robert answer them want us to be successful so they give us a head up on the optimal conditions for each strain


I don’t think ILGM meant that a particular plant can Only be grown indoors, I’m an outdoor grower,There isn’t one plant in their store I wouldn’t try out doors, Maybe due to genetics its very possible that some do better than others indoors.
I bought the “High Yield” mix pack, two of the three Chocolope and Big Bud are stated better for indoor growing, well, like it or not after 4 weeks indoors they"re headed outside.
As far as direct sunlight, I’m giving them as much as I can which will be about 7-8 hrs if all goes well, then there is shaded light (ambient) from the rest of the day, This amt.of light is plenty for outside grows, There is no light that is better or stronger than direct sun light.
AS far as growing a 3 inch plant, I’m guessing you grew it in a small pot and it didn’t have room to get big?
Keep the questions coming, fill out a support ticket and send some pics, good luck <*)))><{

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I believe @FyshhTrap and @Nug-bug
Are on point
most all can be grown in or outdoors
Some just have genetics better suited for outdoors again I believe more due to hight
And some are more manageable with respect to hight so they would be Listed as an indoor strain and believe they are just giving you an idea what ones will grow in given situation


Yes they have well done my friends well done @FyshhTrap and @Nug-bug



@Majiktoker/ @FyshhTrap with your experience growing outside, how much could a potential yield be if given the necessary nutrients, and care. just want to get a idea if 1.25+ lbs can realistically be produced. any information would be helpful.

I’m sorry if I don’t understand the question, but may I ask, are you referring to growing just One plant, if you are than yes, absolutely, outdoor organically grown plants are some of the biggest plants ever grown at over 8ft. tall and yields exceeding 6 lbs. are not uncommon

Yes its very possible, to yield that much per plant outdoors. @noyseng I personally don’t use nutrients out doors because all their elements are provided to them through the ground, air, and water there for no need to supply extra nutrients unless they show you otherwise. They’ll be supplied with what they need by natural occurrences, and mother nature herself ie; thunderstorms

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thanks guys, @Majiktoker well be growing in a greenhouse, what we plan to use are 50 gallon fabric pots, good soil mix. So with 50 gallon pots can the yields still produce 1.25lbs plus?

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Yes very likely @noyseng. You can probably even get close to 2 lbs per plant in that big of a pot in optimal conditions I can pull 1.5 lbs out of a 20 gallon pot with the plant at its at most healthiest form and optimal conditons

Before law regulations indoor growing was not heard of.
Just think as such: Do you grow your tomato plants or pumpkin plants indoors?
No, of course not; same as with weed. It naturally has always fer God knows how long grown all by itself outdoors.
I’ve been planting for 40 or so years from seed strains as Acapulco Gold, Panama Red, and Black Ganga. I do 2 plantings in 2 different locations. In Florida USA and Pennsylvania USA.
In Florida I grow plants among giant bamboo and in Pennsylvania between giant sunflowers. In Pa. the climate is also conducive for growing pretty poppy plants. (This is something one should consider.)
South Florida is a very natural place for weed to grow. My plants often grow almost as high as my bamboo (15+ft) I make sure they are planted in an area that receives about 5+ hours of early morning sun followed by then filtered sunlight and then 3+ hours of late afternoon sun; the soil is always fortified with bone meal and organic compost and I let God do the rest. I plant just enough for family and friends. Some is smoked but most is put into foods and eaten. The potency is ok. (Lord, when I think about it; when in college an ounce of weed cost no more than $20 USD!) That being I haven’t bought anything but rather grown my own.
But then I came upon this site and looked at photos of these giant buds from, what I guess, are hybrid strains and my eyes couldn’t believe it. Lordy Lord! The plants shown in the photos reminded me of a movie I saw as a kid called the “Day of the Triffids.!” And, so, I made a purchase to try growing these plants. And, yes, I’ll be growing them outdoors using the same methods as I’ve been doing for decades. As I find it the only disadvantage of outdoor growing is the law.
Happy Harvest,


Hey @alex2
Just wanted to say hello and welcome if you start a thread or journal of your own tag me
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Fer sure I will.

I’ve been an outdoor planter for many years. I read many growers concerned about excessive heat from ( I suppose) strong sunlight.
My advice: Either plant them in large movable containers or plant them among plants that will temper the hot sunlight. Bamboo and giant sunflowers I’ve found do the trick.
I know that indoor planting has become the “way to go” but consider that weed has been growing for thousands of years with only the help of God.

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Amen @alex2

So fortunate to live in a place where it’s legal to cultivate, the soil is fertile, and there are no neighbors to offend.
Giant sunflowers and cleome are outstanding companion plantings.
We’ve always included cannabis in our garden planning, even when it wasn’t legal.
Growing outdoors is as much an exercise in functional frugality for us as drying laundry on a clothesline or racks or preparing meals on top of a wood stove instead of using conveniences like the dryer or gas range.

I’d be interested to learn what some of the year round indoor growers here spend on electricity and municipal water annually if any are willing to share. Our electric is about $435/yr we have a clean deep well so we don’t pay for water or sewer.

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