Outdoor Grow - male/female

Hey buds, created this topic to move away from my original post, Purple Seedling. For those who are following that post, I am certain she is not part of the cannabis family, but she’s still growing.

On this topic, I am looking for help confirming the sex of my 6 plants. They are all healthy, maybe a bit short, but on their way. I am sure 5 of 6 are females. The one I question is the mottled plant. I included a close up. Any help confirming is appreciated. I know they are sativa, strain anyone?

I think those look like pistils. Maybe a few different angles?

@MrPeat @Oldguy @coyotecody


Definitely pistils!!


Looks like she is showing. :+1:


Awesome guys, thanks! What are the odds of sprouting 6 of 6 females from seeds that came from a dried flower? I’m psyched.


Twelve hour days/nights start around the end of September in New England. Is it to early to switch nutrients to super bloom?

My 4th outdoor grow is coming along nicely. We had a 20 y/o tree cut down last year, which opened my grow spot to much more morning to mid-morning sun then previous years. I can definitely notice a difference. The drought in New England is helping to. They aren’t huge, but should get a decent stash. Five sativa’s, one hybrid??

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