Outdoor grow leaf questions at beginning of flowering

I have 7 plants all growing outdoors and doing pretty well. All have shown female flowering beginning and all but one are over 6/7 feet tall with lots of colas beginning.

I have two photos that I have questions about . One photo show a leaf with extreme yellowing around the edges. This is on just one plant and only 4/5 leaves in the same area.

The other photo is of a leaf that appears eaten, but it’s the only leaf like that in any of the plant. I plucked it off and can see no bugs or creepy crawlers anywhere. Any ideas what this is and how to treat or if I should even bother since it’s the only leaf like this?



First pic looks genetic, which is nothing to worry about.

Second pic looks like bugs. You might want to try a spinosad product with Capt. Jack’s Deadbug.