Outdoor Grow Leaf Holes


Hello all you green gurus! Weird thing, two of my 4 plants have just a couple leaves each that have holes or tears in them. The other 2 plants and all but those few leaves are rocking the thunder and enjoying their day. I haven’t done any pest work yet, but will most likely do the soap solution.

It doesn’t look like a big deal but I’d like to get ahead of it just in case it’s a harbinger of future pain. Thanks!

Ps - noob taking in as much as I can, make no assumptions regarding my competence :slight_smile:


Great for outdoor pests.


@TALKINTOBOB- you can also use Spinosad Soap. You def got a bug problem that will get worse if you let them buggers think they are getting a buffet to feed on. Best of luck on your grow!!


Do you mist your leaves? Its obviously an insect of some type.


Thanks team! I’ll pick up some of the dia@&#$# earth and run that along with the soapy water.

I mist the plants most mornings. What I’m confused by is that these holes have been there for a couple weeks without any further holes occurring after that. I’m not sad of course, I’m lucky it stopped, I just like to know the “why” behind things.


I don’t think it’s a pest I think it’s to much love if a drop forms on the leave and sits there in the sun it causes it to burn threw the leave think of it as a water spot on your car let it sit in sun and boom you got a water spot I’m thinking that’s what it is ck All the leaves and if just a few in sun I wouldn’t worry to much nut if it’s on the shaded leafs to then it is a pest


Usely pest come with death and decay there doesn’t seem to be that on the edges f the hole so ya I don’t think it’s a pesy


That’s why I asked if you spray water mist on your leaves because droplets can form acting like a magnifying glass burning holes but in this case I would guess caterpillar has been eating at leaves


The crinkly leaves are cause too much nutes. Makes leaves brittle and crumbly.

Flush with plain PH’d water.


Too much love totally makes sense, I’ve been guilty of it before and I’ll be guilty of it again lol. Thanks, I do think you’re right and that it’s from misting too late in the day and burning the leaves @BigDaddyCain .