Outdoor grow in the ground

Hi folks,

Yesterday I transplanted two autoflowers (Big Bud/Fastberry approx 8 weeks into the grow) from 11L pots to holes into the ground in a woodland. The soil had a lot of clay in it and appeared quite sticky which I think means it’s good quality.

I saw online after I should have dug deep holes roughly 4 ft wide, 18 inches deep. Instead I dug a hole as deep as the sizes of the pots. Included a pic for an idea of how big the holes were.

I didn’t use any organic fertilser and saw that I could have used perlite too. The plants are not in a too open space in the woods for stealth and sunlight will not be consistent on them for most of the day.

I’m just wondering what I can expect come harvest if anything? Will much growth happen from the holes being that size with that type of soil?


Clay soil is not ideal for cannabis.

With a guerrilla grow it’s always a coin toss whether you’ll have anything to harvest. Expect nothing, and you won’t be disappointed.

words to live by.

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